Diode Milliampere – Psychic Pizza Connection

Artist: Diode Milliampere
Title: Psychic Pizza Connection
Format: floppy diskette / digital
Keywords: diy, demoscene, feeltrip, electronic, electronica, dance, fm synth, techno,  Chicago, chiptune, chipmusic

This year was a heaven for floppy diskette fans, quality floppy labels like Floppy Kick, Floppy Noise and Wrieuw Recordings really pushed these diskettes in to the public interest; conquering not only the hearts of the lobit and floppy fetishists but also the hearts of many adventurous music lovers. Next to these stable floppy labels 2014 has seen the successful birth of a floppy diskette festival named Floppy Totaal and numerous self-releases of new and old artists using this cute physical format to give their well-made music a stable home.

The Floppy Diskette has proved to be a perfect medium for all kinds of media formats, from movies to wma, opus, MIDI and other mixed materials. The most popular encoded format of lobit mp3’s has been quietly dominating the scene, but has left some fans of higher sound quality perhaps scratching their heads. One answer that brought everyone together was and is the music by Diode Milliampere.

Diode Milliampere and psychic cat connection

Diode Milliampere and psychic cat connection

Instead of going for the lobit sound, this electronic music programmer teamed up with his lovable cat to self-release excellent floppy albums of stunning high quality. By keeping the files in the programmed tracker format of the composer his choice, the files are brilliantly small and sound wise of a undeniable great sound. This is next to the great content and original artwork & packaging been a great factor in putting the floppy outside its obscure alternative underground status and made it shining and appealing to a much larger crowd.

In fact Diode Milliampere has been the talk of the town with his previous release on mainstream site of Vice and internet galore corners of Reddit; creating a single handed floppy buzz that would appeal to the masses.

Now this artist, composer, cat lover & bleep loving music maker is back for more and it’s probably the best one yet! The latest floppy release by Diode Milliampere does not only have the option to be bought within the beautiful package that internet culture could identify with; a self-designed special made pizza box! But also the music on this floppy is of a most approachable kind!

Who ordered this deliciously good looking psychic pizza?

The title of this glorious release ready to be munched upon with everyone’s ears is ‘Psychic Pizza Connection’ and I guess it’s psychic in a sense that it gives what we all need; excellent electronica. It’s the music to lick the lips for as each and every tune on this release is one that is of a high class tasty order. Seriously this is the top of the flop, the crème de la crème of smooth and sexy electronic music.

Diode Milliampere drops the kick like a boss on the pretty cool flavored hit named ‘Milinda’. It’s the laidback attitude that prevails here, creating a simple but ultimately perfect melody with fresh lush synthetic sounding sounds with everything on the right place, happening on the right time. It isn’t only a great high quality tune, but also the stereo effects come out to wow all the listeners away. If you thought that floppies would be only suitable for lobit productions than let this album be a complete mind opener.

no cheesy crust but good time cat friendly melodies!

The music is as pleasant as a summers breeze and would certainly bring joy and happiness to all in need for perfectionism in melody and sound production. Mostly when things are perfect the soul of the musician gets lost somewhere ; but not in the case of Diode Milliampere as within the amazing skilled programming and groovy friendly electronic warm dance music captures in a tune named ‘Altair’ it’s obvious that this is the beautiful soul of the artist shiny through.

More love and prettiness is being served for our hungry hearts and ears with the butter sweet ‘Samsara’ track. It’s pretty melodic music that simple serves only the best, optimal use of the sounds that the composer had chosen to create a true work that is a absolute beauty.

More laid back and chilled out is the track named ‘programmable sound generator’ which shows of the skills of bringing a modern day masterpiece within a more classic game vibe. I feel like walking in a scene of William Shatner’s Tekwar computer game exploring the scenery while this music brings the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon session.

‘Odd Time’ is another beautiful and fresh sounding melodic electronica work that comes from an obviously good place and heart. I’m sure the cat of Diode Milliampere will have a lovely place and a good life with such a buddy as this music composing enthusiast as close buddy.

next to fancy pizzaboxes you can also obtain this floppy in a luxury see through jewel box

The track ‘cat people’ goes for a smooth and perfect transition from the previous heard tune and goes for a minimal but excellent coordinated warm loving house tune. The pretty stereo melody is something that would appeal to listeners who happen to wear headphones, although this is also a tune to share on an appealing volume with cats and cat lovers who happen to be without headphones.

It’s here that Diode Milliampere turns the release into a relaxed cool and fresh melodic party that can’t be ignored by music loving critics. ‘Acid Tracker’ is lifting up the release into multiple colored funky music of an electronic kind. It’s here that the composer seemed to have reached into the freaky zones of brilliant psychedelic dance music without losing its grip of perfectionism.

This album is truly another master piece that would probably appeal to everyone who loves melodic electronic music that is made by a heart and a soul and released in its original module format on this very tasty and hot looking floppy diskette.
Check it out as this is definitely even better than a pizza!

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