Maga – The Wired One

Artist: Maga
title: The Wired One
cat: esc.rec.7
keywords: electronic, adventurous, beats, dance, maga, marc fien, techno, Deventer
label: esc.rec

Because we are all ready with flags, firecrackers, party hats and balloons; it is an excellent opportunity to dig up an excellent intelligent dance album; The Wired One by Maga. It is the debut album of this project created by drummer and all round music fanatic Marc Fien and has stand the age of time strong and gracefully.
If you are into music that is raw, groovy, smart and fun than this might be something to serve your ears immediately.

It all starts with ‘Mono Acid’ which is a bit like taking a lot of acid drops and finding yourself stuck in the middle of a samba parade with sparsely clothed feather wearing butt shaking tropical carnival participants.  It’s a mess, but it’s one that was meant to be a mess! It’s enough doses of acid to get your third eye losing track of time and space while focusing on buttocks in out of proportion shapes and forms. In a state of being this mashed up in the head it won’t be bad to just let everything go and join this sexy parade. Try to hold on to one of the rhythms provided by the acid dealing production skills of Maga and have a wonderful time in this madness that is this bongo-worthy trip.

B*sleepers doesn’t give in to the sleepy zones as it is Maga doing what he does best; drumming beats that are irresistible. There are some nice and smooth snoozy synthesizer pads on top creating a Rephlex Records atmosphere, but it is the drummers precision and obvious enthusiasm that makes this track.

The title tune of this album is ‘The Wired One’ and gives a relaxed feeling of being the coolest person on the block. If the night mayor of the Dutch city named Rotterdam was into experimental electronica, I’m sure he would be digging this tune. It has this flavor of having lots of shoe wax in the hair, perfect suited suits and something that feels very jazzy.

Maga really goes for the groove in ‘lost time’ which automatically will make you lose track in time. The baseline is very laid back while the drum and the occasional orchestra hit is met with gunfire is creating enough excitement to get the feet wobbling to the rhythm.

The track ‘More than a mistake’ has a very friendly melodic structure which is mostly dominated by something that is a bit like listening to a blend of a steel drum xylophone with a sniff of gamelan. The rhythm provided here is very relaxed, perfect to get hypnotized in a friendly way.

More mysterious sounding is the melodic affair in ‘Pioneer’s Delerium’ which has the honor to expose the freaky electronic funk that would fit in a deejay set of that famous dude named Richard D James. It has this intelligent captivating style that is made for the dance floor; it keeps sounding raw and full of energy as if the tune just dropped from the tree. Personally I think this tune is the best on this release as the whooping woozy baseline pads are a great match with the never failing rhythm to get some serious dance action going on.

Skillperfector’s Tumbleweed is the last tune on this album and is in my opinion the hit single. It has the most straightforward attitude of all the tracks, going for a mesmerizing memorable melody with fat haunting baselines and a perfect tight beat to top things off with real class. Perfect!

Get this album as even though it is released in the year of 2005, the tracks are like a good wine; ripe and ready for your consumption and great to show off your New Year’s dance floor skills!

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