Alex Spalding – Grossa Nova

Artist: Alex Spalding
title: Grossa Nova
cat: {L0BIT08}
keywords: electro, electronica, no wave, lobit, synthpop, industrial, pop, lobopop, experimental
label: L0BIT
reviewer: Leo Obit

Philosopher, writer, music maker, half of the dynamic electronica duo named Material Action, reviewer, game designer, ex noise joy label runner, concerned citizen and sound producer Alex Spalding was getting heavy critique by a certain KN as his solo productions are in his opinion difficult to review as they are simply too good. Instead of hiding in a corner, crying puddles of tears Alex took this critic serious and went back to the drawing board to proof this judgment wrong.

After a lot of hard work, puzzling perhaps for many nights in a row Alex Spalding came out to kick some ass. He had taken the critique of his music being too good to be able to be reviewed on Yeah I Know It Sucks very serious and brought this now very pleasing and easy reviewable release named ‘Grossa Nova’.

The critical comment of the music made by Alex Spalding being too good, too clean, too great to be reviewed had left the building in a single instant. It was like a fist out of nowhere hitting KN’s nose with something so reviewable that it left me (Leo Obit) speechless. Alex Spalding improved so much in such a short notice on the Yeah I Know It Sucks scale that it was simple ground breaking and earth shaking.

He certainly did his best in delivering a release of poppy lobit no-wave songs; the scoreboard of stars gave this release 9 out of 10 fallen stars; which is almost the highest most dubious high score yet!
The well written songs are viewable in the text file that comes with the free downloadable release, and as expected they are not only a joy to see but also give the great opportunity to sing along by reading the lyrics out loud in a correct way.

Obviously the artwork of ‘Grossa Nova’ attracted many curious music fans like a fresh turd that does its magical spell on a bunch of hungry flies. When promoting this netrelease Alex Spalding commented on the large gathered online crowd of interested music lovers that the music might ‘suck’, which is quite the adorable thing to write, instantly making the artist look even more handsome and attractive than he was without such a comment.

As Alex Spalding is not biased enough to review and praise his own work and the all mass fans who downloaded this are simply busy downloading other things to write something about it.. and I’m still flabbergasted how great it is to hear someone’s work who actually  trailered it to silence my up building critique. In fact even though I managed to write a lot of words over here; I still can’t review this release as Alex Spalding simply outdone himself with this one. No critique can be given, only applause and admiration of suckness could do this Justice.
Alex Spalding flabbergasts, gives all he got and shuts up the critics (including myself) once and for all ‘Grossa Nova’-style! Hear, download and enjoy the lobit no-wave pop over here:


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