Various Artists – New Year Compilation 2015

Artist: Various Artists
title: New Year Compilation 2015
cat: intox173
keywords: electronic, techno, ambient, breakbeat
label: Intox Noise
reviewer: Mark X

It’s the time of the year that the human race poisons the air at midnight with fireworks, completely all mass forgetting the propaganda of climate change and celebrate the concept of changing of the year. This time it is 2014 that gets hopefully exchanged for 2015, the year of the goatee beard. To forget all the disasters that this old year had brought, from missing airplanes, turd like viruses, violence, police brutality, car accidents and Japanese sucking cum machines Intox Noise compiled a danceable compilation to loosen up the tension and basically celebrate all that survived this year.

To begin this compilation in a decadent way the compiler had chosen for a track by The Guru to be the first one people would hear when plugging into this New Years collection. This is a very excellent choice as this tune gets us to forget the great depression as it manages to do a great deal of dance hypnosis to the lucky listeners. Being under the spell of this trance inducing dance music you might not even notice the fireworks, let alone the global pollution of today’s activities.

After the succesful hypnotic trance  Buben’s Droll takes over to really get the party started. All seriousness has left the exit and only bubbly champagne sparkle dance music is left to freshen up the minds of party hat wearers. Everything is up and light; time to pop the corks and get jiggly!

Everybody should be all happy and full of smiles when Ambelion’s MOD party provides the perfect combination of Startrek alarms, old school house and irresistible happy funny acid bubbles! If this doesn’t get the party people moving than just order Scotty to beam some more alcohol in your and their veins.

Mega underground cult legend and profound deejay, producer and character you shouldn’t miss out on ‘Sascha Müller’ also claims a nice spot on the compilation. His tune is named ‘Noise Chamber’ and really rocks the house in a most pleasant and repetitive way. This is the pleasant techno train that you can’t resist and simply don’t want to miss. So jump on board and feel the massive uplifting party power of perfect happy techno madness.

Concon (Erico Wakamatsu and Ken Yoshioka) ‘a Between Windows is a completely different track than the previous party stompers. This is the chill out corner at its best; just add some pillows and fancy candle lights and chill the freaking f*ck out.

A. of Love brings a laidback track named ‘Sternlicht’. It isn’t one made out pure ambient, but it still is more chilled than the techno friends that you can meet on this collection of tracks.

Or what about ‘Novaspace’ by Jamie Stephan? This tune is combining the chilled out atmosphere ith a danceable electronic beat, flexible basslines and smooth minimal synth use.

The Guru returns with another tune, this time groovy breakbeats are melted together with a deep down and dirty bass whoosh. It goes deep in the stomach like a submarine and is great material to light up in.

Derex brings some spicy spice to this party with a ‘serious sound’ which is as freaky as techno could be. Time to put on your serious face & dancing shoes and face the New Year on these serious nervous sounding tekno sounds.

The compilation isn’t complete without something that sounds like psy-trance tailored to make the years transition as smooth and speedy as possible. Who needs and want to poison the sky with fireworks when you could just dance the night and old year away with this active compilation?

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