kippfest – Het Wilhemus (burped)

Artist: kippfest
title: Het Wilhemus (burped)
keywords: experimental, burping, muzak, noise, Holland
reviewer: Willem van O.

Do you know about this little place on the world map named The Netherlands? Half of the country inhabitants live (just like Spongebob) under the sea-level and are (just like spongebob again) absolutely bonkers. You have the obvious ones who stick their weird heads out of their flower fields, but also the ones who pretend to be normal are just as bat shit crazy. You can’t blame them as walking around on wooden clogs all day might drive any sane person into strict insanity.

^ typical people who live in the Netherlands

^ typical people who live in the Netherlands

When the  people in the Netherlands aren’t too busy sticking their fingers in dykes they work in windmills, hemp fields, behind windows only lid by red lights and eat next to potatoes incredible amounts of cheese and of course the national standard dish (and legendary export product) of XTC pills. It’s the birth land of Heineken beer,  Andre Rieu, Harry Merry and international success singer Armand. No wonder that this is the country that is crazy enough to host the first ever lobit festival and last year the first ever floppy diskette (Floppy Totaal) festival.

^ international success singer Armand (click to visit this legend his website)

Hate it or love it, but for such a small country they earned their spot on the world’s weirdo scale. No wonder that the people from the Netherlands are a proud crowd, having their own dubious national folks anthem named ‘Het Wilhelmus’ which is sang each and every football game loud and proud through a collection of mimicking mouths. It’s (if we believe Wikipedia) the oldest national anthem in the entire world (written down in 1574) and that probably explains why the song needed some modern day makeover. Something that the weirdoes of the Netherlands could truly identify with, something that might actually make remembering the words of the song somehow appealing…

some common folk in the Netherlands are attempting to sing 'Het Wilhelmus' ...

some common folk in the Netherlands are attempting to sing ‘Het Wilhelmus’ …

Only a great skilled musician, artist, vocal performer who understands the roots of this insane country & out of date anthem could be up to the task to spice it up successfully. This is the calling of an artist named ‘kippfest’ who brings a completely refreshing new version of ‘Het Wilhemus’ with special eye on the pronunciation of the song lyrics.

^ The one and only Kippfest

^ The one and only Kippfest

Kippfest magnificently burps up this anthem of the Netherlands with all its 15 versus. The result is refreshing, fun and very 2015 and beyond.
The anthem is now released and ready to be adopted by the crazy people of the Netherlands, ready to be burped at football matches and even enjoyable for all who doesn’t even understand the original language of double Dutch as burping is the international language that is understandable for all to burp along with.

Hear this amazing modern version by this incredible burping talent and embrace the cultural luggage of the Netherlands by kippfest at the following link:


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