Crowave – S A D N E S S, L A U G H S A N D D R U G S

Artist: Crowave
title: S A D N E S S, L A U G H S A N D D R U G S
keywordsL Brazilian, experimental, ambient, electronic, noise, post-internet, post-vaporwave, vaporwave, Fortaleza
reviewer: Mark X

If you have an unstoppable urge to hear how it feels to fall in a K-hole, without the actually use of the horse tranquilizer you could now just plug into this Brazilian experimental release. It simply provides the K-hole experience through sound, making the hearable music into a bizarre experience in which you can just sit and wonder; what the f#ck is happening?

Of course to create the K-hole effect is a difficult thing to recreate through music and there aren’t a lot of releases or artists out there who can create this feeling in a successful way, but this two track release by Crowave truly delivers in this case. Also good to mention is that it isn’t just a normal K-hole, it is a Brazilian one; adding a bit of tropics to the soundtrack of a melting mind.

Don’t go for a real life K-hole, but listen to this instead;
-it’s much safer
-doesn’t take up a lot of time
-is pretty weird
-can be trusted
-no risk of temporary tranquilizing of the muscles or tongues retracting 
-is scientific approved

Do not, I repeat; do not listen to this while experiencing a real life self-inflicted K-hole as that would be obviously so weird that it would turn into a normal experience. But good chance that you are K-hole free as you are still able to read this, so there shouldn’t be much harm to give these two audio tracks a go:

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