From the Willowmeadow – Overcity Dreams

Artist: From the Willowmeadow
title: Overcity Dreams
Cat: Siro763
Keywords: ambient, lobit, electronic, drone
Label: Sirona-Records

Are you ready for the most pleasant ambient to hang your ears in? From the Willowmeadow delivers an amazing net-release  named ‘Overcity Dreams’ and it is so good; you will not be disappointed!

Visit the beautiful sound of the ‘Hypermarkets’ with its warm winterish soft glow. This is the sweet ambient that certainly stimulates a visual of a cozy snowy landscape with a sun shining above it.

Everything within this audio release is beautiful and perfect. The very recommended track named ‘Architecture 2008’ is such a pretty form of atmospheric prettiness that it shouldn’t be overlooked but definitely be heard. The warm glowing ambient perfectly embraces something that sounds like a recording of some kind making the music much more than pure electronic, making it even more human and pretty than it already was without.

‘Pondering the Deepes’ is another beautiful piece making me feel as if being in a lake under a layer of ice watching the sun shining through while lovable lobit bubbles give great comfort and maximum warmth. This is not a case of freezing breathless under a frozen lake, but the work that sounds like a pretty dream in which all is wonderful.

The feeling of dreaming the dream doesn’t stop with the cool and magically warm sounding ‘Ascend’, as the music tones are thick and soothing in a most classical way. I feel like spreading my arms to embrace this music without any worry on my mind where it will take me. So pretty!

The audio view from ‘A Rooftop’ is pretty stunning; the ears are treated with the finest and subtile sound manipulation to form a perfect hypnotizing bath of excellent prettiness. This is a view best enjoyed alone with headphones as the details are of such a fine detail that it simply deserves your full attention. The sound of love…

To top a perfectly and smartly done ambient album off the release ends on a perfect atmosphere with a piece named ‘Border of Ours; Calm Nights’ which is absolutely stunning in all it’s goodness. This is a track that simply sums up all the pretty things a person should like when into ambient music; well molded absolutely pretty tones of brilliant warmth that has the power to warm your heart like a scarf that warms a neck. A great album of relaxing perfection and amazingly downloadable for complete free at the following link:

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