Aaron Cooper – Electronic Frown//Tibetan Buddha Jukebox Circuit Bent Blues

Artist: Aaron Cooper
title: Electronic Frown//Tibetan Buddha Jukebox Circuit Bent Blues
keywords: 8bit, electronic, folk, chiptune, circuit bent, instrumental, Chicago

Hello and welcome back on the internet and most particular; thank you for seeing you here on Yeah I Know It Sucks. As you might have noticed we had a worldwide New Years party yesterday and I’m typing this report with my nose as my hands have been blown off by dodgy fireworks; a good start of the new year indeed.

A lot of people made New Year resolutions and as a follower I joined them with two simple ones;
1. Review a release by Aaron Cooper
2. learn to count to 14

As this is the first day of the year and the mood is still positive even without hands to type with; I thought to check off both these resolutions as quick as possible. First of all reviewing a release by Aaron Cooper shouldn’t be too hard as he wrote a lengthy email with interesting words, easy to follow directions and…
…it perfectly fitted with my second New Year resolution of learning how to count to fourteen!

Let’s start with ‘Number One’.
This is the happy and always friendly number to begin the new day/year/life with. It has the best jolly happy feeling of melodies that un-arm you like a carousel of joy that slowly speeds up to make sure it reaches its goal. Without ‘Number One’ what would we do?

Number Two is recognizable because of its Quirky character, a baseline like a fast forward record, the shape of a smooth pop anthem that deserves listeners that could sing their own song on top of it. This is the number of feeling good; so-ho-ho good!

Number Three’ is perfect for a fancy finger snap along session. Another fine option would be rattling on a washing board while the artist sings softly on this happy go lucky sound exposing song of happiness. It is here that little friendly noises from crappy modems come together in pink tutus to perform on a silly baseline.

Number Four stands for classical music; you know Beethoven haircuts, Mozart’s fingernails and intelligent mice running on a keyboard.

Number Five is the number that stands for friendliness and happy faces. There is something very American to this track; something that would make sense to see a happy Texas Ranger sing and dance too while riding a horsey.

Number Six is a track that makes me think of that counting song taken of ‘the sound of music’ mixed with a much more jolly and feel good alternative polka feeling. It sounds microscopic in all its friendliness, but not microscopic enough to take away the joy that this number exhales.

Number Seven is one of incredible happiness. It is of course for many people a lucky number and the music actually can be validated by this. It starts incredibly sweet with a neon pop structure and hide away muffled vocals, but end/ with an energetic speed up vibe that sounds very uplifting in a pretty punk way.

Number eight is more classical inspired mice on a keyboard. There is no cat running behind them, but still this number goes quicker than most of the other numbers.

Lucky ‘Number Nine’ is one that comes across more sentimental than the other numbers; a little laid back to squeeze out some tear while combining it with reading a new newspaper.

Number Ten’ is the mark of positivity. It has an electro rock feeling with a warm easy to follow melody, a happy tempo and fine friendly sweet noise solos. It’s also the amount of fingers people with complete hands hoping to have throughout their life time.

Number Eleven stands for this vibe that sounds like it has been played on a microscopically large micro organ with build in rhythm box. It has the perfect pop structure and squeaky background sounds that are a bit like fresh birds singing for worms to their mommy. And they are in this case a excellent pair of vocalists.

Number Twelve is one that stands for something to shake and dance too. Add a bit of fantasy to it and you’ll be riding in the arms of a sofa down and up the hills with this magical number in no time. Just follow the samba friendly rhythm, the perfect funky love in the cute melody and be all happy and smiley for the rest of the day, year; life! The nice touch of speeding everything up makes the number even more comparable to the speedy times that we live in.

Number Thirteen is the number that exposes the classical music mouses in a way that they exceed all expectations. It’s a waltz on speed and you better watch your step as this number is known for its bad luck.

Number Fourteen is the number of 2015; the sound of the future! This is the music we should dress up for; crusty experimental raw vibes exposed in a electronic punk vibe that sounds undeniably fun and jolly! Let’s keep Number Fourteen as the great energetic party anthem! The best of the best freaky fun is represented here and all who loves energy and electronic weirdness should play this loud and proud on this fine day! Under the depressing cover picture lays numbers of lots of fun, fun, fun!

It’s never too late to start counting to fourteen with these helpful friendly happy tunes of joy. You really gonna love them all:

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