Frans de Waard – One Hour As Party People

Artist: Frans de Waard
title: One Hour As Party People
keywords: electronic, Nijmegen, fieldrecording, spoken word
label: Korm Digitaal

Gardenless people who are also without friends that happen to be in search for a substitute for both these things might be relieved and pleased that ‘One Hour As Party People’ creates the audio illusion of indeed having a garden with friends inside it. For sixty minutes you can trick yourself in believing that you are listening to your own garden with talkative people gazing around.

These people talk and talk forming the noise of people talking. Even without a garden you might recognize the phenomenon of people talking at the same time forming a muzzled unity of conversations that lose their words and meaning and become a human sound flow instead. This is also happening here, but as it is an actual recording of people hanging out in the backyard of Frans de Waard; it is extra special. The humans form an endearing ambience that would intrigue your neighbors by playing it loud through your sound spreakers, perhaps even so much that they will come over to check out the non-existing garden party with friends talking in the garden that you don’t have.

Of course the release is also hearable when you actually have a garden and friends; it actually might even be funny to play it as the ‘music’ while you have an actual garden party going on, just to double the real life sound and see how the real life talking people will respond to the chatter of the people that Frans de Waard had recorded in his backyard. This human made ambient noise makes you feel loved and is surprisingly just as relaxing listening wise as listening to the soft sound of unanimous raindrops on a roof. I think listening to this is not only a substitute for friendly people talking in a garden, but also a great one for ‘ambient’ music.
You can enjoy the FdW garden conversations at the following link:

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