Warren Schoenbright – Plateaus EP

Artist: Warren Schoenbright
Title: Plateaus EP
Keywords: devotional, abstract, bass, electronic, noise, techno, London
label: Vacant Fulfilment http://vacantfulfilment.blogspot.co.uk/

Plateaus by ‘Warren Schoenbright’ contains two tracks that are pretty special. In fact it feels a bit like something my ears not had come across before; a collapsing iceberg of music. Just imagine yourself camping out in the snow with a tent under a Icy cold mountain and waking up to a massive rumble rumbling softly in the background.

When going out of the tent you might see it coming from afar but when the ice and snow start to roll down closer the damage is simply unavoidable. In a matter of time the collapsing ice snow berg will whoosh you, your tent and warm pair of moon boots away.

Silence will fill up the ear as they are covered in a thick layer of snow, interrupted by a few more movements of more layers of ice destruction. They are just the warning as when you are there getting used to this new situation to be covered in snow and ice the music of this collapse really starts to kick in.

Rolling beats roll the mass even more down the valley, high-hats are crushed in your ears while strange unknown experimental forms of ambient tones penetrate the hearing systems like a fragile elephant that has the mass to be heard against the baffling form of the energetic collapse of the snowy ice hill with you inside it.

With the second track we can embrace the lucky news that the fall has been okay as we all survived it. It’s a moment of chilling out while the cover of snow is being melted by the sun or the powers of the moon. Some special audio visions turn up to play the guitar & keep us comfort and the mind entertained throughout our moment of being unfrozen the natural way. Deeply warm tones go through the cold bones to Heath the inside up while a lucid drumkit shines through the distorted crackles of the defrosting layers of snow.

It’s a great example of music that is just as powerful as a short lived cinematic experience. This is one adventure that can be taken from the comfort of your home but does give the feeling of being more real than any 3D Dolby surround equipped cinema could deliver. Better prepare a warm coat and hot chocolate before tuning into these excellent two tracks:


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