Beachers – Riga: Christmas Eve to Christmas Day 2014

Artist: Beachers
title: Riga: Christmas Eve to Christmas Day 2014
keywords: electronic, experimental, Christmas music, drone, field recording, noise, London

The main ingredient for this release might be a collection of field recordings made in Riga, Latvia recorded between midnight on Christmas Eve, and midnight on Christmas Day, but the real magic happened on Boxing Day when these recordings got edited and processed in a mind stimulating way. People who enjoy real life recordings that are being treated as if they are instruments, will certainly be drooling all over this release created by Beachers..

The human activities and sound recordings of this for many ‘special time of the year’  are so nicely edited that I wonder if there aren’t any other extras recorded to make this release possible. There are moments in which for example a beautiful ambient atmosphere seems to flow in the manipulated audio soup of recordings, or a fragile bell like melody that does its thing of bringing warmth to the EP. There is no sign of the rebirth of Jesus, but things like a Christmas Choir can still be extracted from the nicely decorated ambiance.

There are fireworks, footsteps in the snow of a cemetery, and a recording of a visit to the Christmas Market; but it is all so boxed up on this special Boxing Day that it really can be a stand-alone release that can be heard far away from any Christmas celebration.. It’s obvious that the artist / fieldrecorder is a master in audio manipulation and certainly didn’t wear boxing gloves while mixing and editing the ingredients for this production.

If there are gloves in the game they would probably be perfectly fitted velvet gloves; that’s how sufficient and well done it all sounds. The music is just a little bit more than fifteen minutes in total, but a repeat button is on most players always close at hand. (if the hand isnt stuck in a boxing glove)

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