Origami Repetika – Bicycle Basket

Artist: Origami Repetika
title: Bicycle Basket
cat: {L0BIT09}
keywords: electronic, melodic, mellow, melodies, classic, theatrical, lobit, low bit, feel good, happy, musical medicine, game music, orchestra
label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/
reviewer: Leo Obit

Waving hands in the air like a predated picture of a welcoming Hawaii girl with flowers in her hair and a pair of hips to die for, that’s the feeling I get when listening to this fine piece of Origami Repetika. Not that there is anything Hawaiian to it, but it has this vibe of a nonchalant most welcoming smile that is somehow attached to this culture induced picture of Hawaiian beauty.
Alloa’ I believe the first track would say if it wasn’t music but a human being; knowing this I’m glad it is indeed music.

The second piece had me transported to a completely different place and time; a masquerade ball of grotesque dresses and flamboyant suits. The music has an elegant feeling to it until a dramatic moment drops in and the music joins up with theatrical vocals that come so much as a surprise that it made me pee a little. This is brilliant, so lightweight in feeling and atmosphere while yet adding weight by being able to infiltrate the feather style with a melodramatic touch. This the jus that makes the gravy much more intriguing and handsome; I take off my fancy hat and bow down gracefully in order to compliment this track in style.

Origami Repetika than completely mesmerized the critical reviewers with an exciting composed piece of great allure. It’s like listening to a modern day classical composition that chooses a road of plastic trumpets that are carefully constructed and directed to sound all royal and grand. It makes me feel like it is an underline of accomplishment, something you want to hear as a reward when successfully having achieved a goal of your choice.

The last but certainly not least intriguing melodic work is the theme track that is titled just like the release. It shows the great melodic skills of the artist in a most friendly mid-summers day way. I can’t get rid of the image of a bicycle ride in a small village in which everybody knows everybody and afternoons are for tea parties and cupcakes. The bicycle rider wears something blue and lady-like and perhaps even a flower in the hair. Someone who speaks to squirrels in the bypassing blossom trees and cats that chill out on doorsteps.

This little release is of a fine acquired taste, bringing innocence, sweetness, cabaret, drama and royalty together like a perfect friendly intriguing melodic puzzle..

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