Fekal Terror – Black Copro Noise

Artist: Fekal Terror
title: Black Copro Noise
cat: AAR0073
keywords: black metal, noisecore, goregrind
label: Angry Arnold Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

Fekal Terror’s Black Copro Noise is something that might make some people think of a roaring animal with gas problems; resulting in burps while the roars come out. For people with less imagination it might be just a grunting person who suffers from gas that needs to come out, but whatever you might think; this sounds as it’s all about grunting roars and burps of gas..

Next to that there are also other elements you could pick up with your ears before they turn numb. Some hyperactive beats, mentally over the edge guitar works of a metal kind, some noises and sound manipulations which are to be honest; of a great value considering the price you pay for this release… There are also some screams that sound as if Gollum from ‘my precious’ fame is being kicked in the nuts; this also stand out on these tracks that are categorized under the genre flags of black metal, noisecore and goregrind.

In general this ‘Black Copro Noise’ release sounded quite comical to me, but it was Fekal Terror who laughs last as after playing this short release on a loud volume; I could hear some permanent damage done to my ears.  You want to expose your ears to it and see if this release is a laughing matter or indeed personal terrorisation? Here is a link for you to find out:

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