Matt Burnett – CatX

catxxxxartist: Matt Burnett
title: CatX
keywords: electronic, experimental

Forget Batman, cat woman, Spider-Man and wolverine. Forget Cow girl, Crowbar and citizen X. Forget Superman, Superwoman miss USA and Captain America..

These superheroes are so last year, so out of date, so unmasked that it is the highest time for a brand new super hero that rescues damsels in despair and people in nasty situations. A super hero that understands the humans enough to outsmart them, living a life among them while being undiscoverable.


The one and only mysterious superhero cat with more gadgets than James Bond ‘CatX’ proofs in more than twenty minutes that it is the one to look out for. First of all let’s take a quick look at ‘kitten’ aka the Cat Grenade…
When CatX uses this tool, it is obviously a weapon that works quite differently than the normal grenade. The ‘kitten’ is when silently thrown out of tailored tail of CatX; one unexpected way of stunning its receiver. A collection of bleeps and clicks are the ones that are hearable by the ears, but it is what it does to the brain that makes this CatGrenade such an important tool against crime and unwanted conversations; it simply hypnotized all making the time stand still, giving our superhero cat the time to tie someone up with a woolen string or secure the catnip from a thief’s hands.

Just like some of the older superheroes, CatX has a team mate. The CatBusser is its name, and basically does the things CatX doesn’t have time for: An intensive research with a sonic powered third cat eye for example or a deeper trance invoking hypnosis with great minimal rhythmic music as it successful tools.

But back to the positive powers of CatX who can ring the inner hearing systems with its ‘CatSurgency. This superhero skill can paralyze the ears of criminals but at the same time have a positive buzz on possible victims; making them ready to purr along until CatX saves them from the risky situations.

Another great tactic CatX has available in its furry sleeves is the ability to leave a ‘subterranean litterbox protest orchestration behind in the shape of a ‘CatMine’.
Don’t expect a explosion, but more a state of twirling around when stepping on such a undetectable tool of cat-technology.

For the bigger deals in defying crime and saving the human race from their own stupidity, CatX has the control of a ‘CatBomb’ under its paws. It’s one big purring purr-fest digitally charged to blow all away in the electronic-purrs.
Of course it might happen that CatX might encounter a minor slip-up and ends in the opposite hands for a conventional CatTerrogation about who is behind the gadgets and super powers and the CatX identity (psst it’s Matt Burnett)..
But when such a rare occasion occurs don’t think that CatX will slip any of the confident information as it goes into a zone of zen meditation that comes close to a deep sleep; switching off the mind while listening to a deep sea heart pulse to kill the time.

The highlight and refreshing tool against hostile persons is the ability of giving the CatRash to anyone that stands in the way of CatX. For the baddies it might invoke a lot of itching and scratching, but if it happens to fall indirectly in the ears of an innocent listener; it actually might turn into a nicely listenable experimental noisy ambient registration.
catxYou want to know more about CatX, the partner, skills, gadgets and tools? Than please proceed with an open mind and ears to the following music at this link:

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