Shifts – Sonates and Interlude

Artist: Shifts
Title: Sonates and Interlude
Keywords: experimental, electronic
Label: Korm Digitaal
reviewer: Mark X

Recorded May 1998 on a piano”, released in the same year by Korm Plastics (kp 8198), and now available in digital format through the official bandcamp of Korm Digitaal. See this as an opportunity to hear a classic / interesting experimental release that might have skipped your ears while in its physical format. And if that is not the case; you are a lucky bird!

The first track ‘Sonate’ resonates nicely in the inner tubes of the ears. It rumbles (in a pure & comfortable way) a certain warmth towards the brain. It’s one of a buzzing kind, something that seems to tickle deeply as it moves forward to find the pleasure center of the mind. Are you ready to be impressed?

The soundwaves of Sonate slowly grow up like a flower of a metallic kind. The noise of this happening is done in such a way that the listener can listen to it in pure comfort; nothing is rushed or raffled. When the pleasure centers have been reached the music slowly pulls back again as if it just wanted to focus on its entrance and its final glorious exit.

What follows is ‘interlude’ which also goes for a gracious way to come in sound wise, but doesn’t go for a lengthy ending. This time the music captured here is of a different warm buzzing kind, it’s as if a contact cable had been connected to something that it wasn’t made for; but yet resulting in a directed friendly form of warm noise.

Sonate 2 is absolutely wonderful. This time the abstract music approach somehow seems to come across as a classic composition of an experimental order. The mechanical sound is still of a warm kind, and it’s strangely exciting & engaging in its movement and direction.

At times I feel like losing time and space while my head is stuck inside this expression that resonates like a engine of a freezer possessed by a life on its own. But without knowing how the music is exactly directed; it is clear that a human touch seems to be kindly guiding this procession.

The overall sound of ‘Sonate 3’ has a much lighter vibe to it, making it something that feels like a summer’s day relief. To make up for the lack of fatness the music seems to be perfectly styled to take well-willing ears on a fine little sound trip.

The track seems to showcase the main sound as if they intertwine and entangle with different layers of the same source material; resulting in a harmonic form of hypnosis when focusing on the soft digital embracement of the rusty sounding rattles, and the all-round warm glowing sound esthetics. The music makes me feel very relaxed and at ease, but at the same time claustrophobic and afraid; it eats the mind fully by its smart approach of direction and guidance..

As a listener I have to admit that I’m honestly impressed by this session. The artist simply manages to do so much with something that is coming from such a very minimal and limited source. The movement, the warm glowing edges and constant direction changes are done in a way that are very captivating. It’s smooth and listenable, and certainly avoids boredom at all times. This is something anyone who has an interest in experimental music, should be able to observe and learn from. Keep your Note books ready and hear the real thing at the following link:

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