Lady Gaga – Artflop

artflopartist: Lady Gaga
title: Artflop
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: experimental, audio art, art, sound collage, pop
label: Hollywood Records
reviewer: Leo Obit

Once upon a time we received a mysterious envelope from a certain ‘Hollywood Records’ with two pink floppy diskettes inside. Now a long time later a similar package had arrived through the mail yet again signed by the same sender. I have no idea if it’s legitimate or the job of someone doing special bootlegs, but this envelope contained (just like the one we received before) a floppy diskette release by nobody else than Lady Gaga.

This time it was just one floppy with a printed cover stuck onto it. The title of this floppy release was (I kid you not!) ‘Artflop’! A clear wink to her 2013 album (not released on a floppy) named ‘Artpop’.  Upon exploring the content of the  diskette in the floppy drive, it became clear that the diskette contained only one untitled track.

The track is 11+ minutes in length and sounded nothing like the Lady Gaga we had heard before. This track sounded like a very strange awkward drone made out of curious Lady Gaga sounds.  The music had been encoded as an 8 kbps mp3 and even though her voice could still be recognized once and a while, it was clear that the original recording wasn’t really made for lobit encoding.  Sometimes I could hear fragments of her ‘Applause’, Venus’ and Artpop’ shining through, but they sounded backwards, filtered and vaporized in a artistic way.

It was not a drone to chill out in and definitely no ambient for relaxing, but the track came across as a audio collage that indeed could be labeled as audio art. Yet again, I’m not 100% sure if this is an official release, but with fame monsters like Lady Gaga you simply never know. For originality, mysterious content and creativity I give this ‘Artflop’ floppy diskette 4 out of 5 stars!

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