Klaus Marten – Honey

Artist: Klaus Marten
title: Honey
keywords: experimental, instrumental, rock, acoustic, ambient, bushwick, guitar, solo, noise, shoegaze, surf, Brooklyn

No Strauss but Klaus is in the house. Yes you read it well; klaus is back and even though an internationally praised artist of his posture doesn’t need a introduction, he starts with one on his latest record. The introduction is straightaway the longest track on the release and features Klaus bringing a (what sounds like) improvisational master piece of electric guitar handling. Strings are treated with rough edges, forming guitar solos that sing through a smothered bed of distortion. A dreamy and yet active guitar scenery might come upon us all, impressing with skills that come natural to our well beloved and  legendary Klaus artist.

Klaus would not be Klaus if he did not everything in his book to pleasure his die-hard-fans. He truly delivers with a most requested live song that now “after many threatening emails” has been finally professionally recorded and findable on this release. Of course I’m talking about his underground culture hit ‘the shape’ which keeps its mysterious ground stepping sounds in mystery and still invites people at home to walk on the music like a gigantic pregnant hippo would do.

Rest assured that the professional Klaus would bring a perfect relaxing piece after all our pregnant hippo step action. The title of our melodic savior is ‘Black Books’ and is of a pretty kind. It tenderly strikes out with a certain feeling of love, warming the hearts from fans and conquering the hearts of people obnoxious to the magical skills of Klaus. The track ends with some church ringing a bell.. I see it as more proof that this is the soundtrack perfectly suitable for reading and caressing romantically acclaimed black books.

Klaus gives us perhaps not house, but there is certainly a beat in the work named ‘awash’. Or.. Perhaps it’s better to describe it as a hip wiggling slow rhythm? (The mention of Beats might offend the music master mind of Klaus, so it’s better to wash our mouth with soap and continue..)

And glad you will be when the continuation brings the ears a track named ‘Pt II’ as here it is the electric guitar solo skills of our most beloved Klaus shines in all it’s fierceness. The track ends with a moment of strangeness that felt really refreshing to me. It reminded me of data loss generated by lower bitrate encodings but used in a different way than usual; the Klaus way?

This paved the perfect way to another mesmerizing little piece of compact composition. It’s a work named ‘underwater effect’ and seriously made me feel like sinking comfortably and at ease without muscles in a lake. It sounds nasty on paper, but music wise it is to die for. (in a good way!)

Then it’s time for what appears to be my personal favorite on this latest Klaus album. It is named ‘Cooper Black’ and brings an intensive but soulful show of muffled yet clear distorted electric guitar. The structure seems to be perfectly executed from start to finish and the sound on its own is warm and exciting.

The warmth and vibe seems to have flow into the title track named ‘Honey’ which keeps the sound in the pleasurable format but seems to go through a much more experimental phase. It is perhaps not as much to the point as the ‘Cooper Black’ track but does a great job fingering the brain for appealing experimental music orgasms. When they have been reached the stimulation brings an epic melody as if it is a cigarette after an intensive sexy night with your ‘Honey’.

Of course Klaus knows what’s best and not fighting his good reputation; he delivers a perfect relaxing piece of cuddle music. He called it ‘Drown Too’ and is one track in which the guitar refrains itself from distortion and brings a nice moment for sweet dreams and relaxation.

Runner up to the personal enjoyment recommendation list of Klaus tunes is the dreamy work named ‘Underwater Lights’, which simply picks up the ears of the listeners and brings them to bed, tucks them in while bringing the music for sleepy heads to rest in.

Parametric Equalizer Redux’ seems to flow in as if it belonged to the ‘Underwater Lights’. Here the music gets more active and goes from sleepy dream into a more active form of uh music. Before really getting the time to puzzle this one out, the track slips in to ‘Smear Redux’ which comes across as classical music. Klaus impresses the crowds again!

The release than comes up with ‘Tomorrow’ which will make some people think of the musical Annie in which she heartily sings ‘the sun will come out tomorrow’ and her finest line ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day away’. Klaus his Tomorrow is less memorable to the one of Annie, but at this stage of dreamy and classical hints of relaxing music it is definitely appreciated. And with this in mind it is only logical that our never disappointing Klaus choses to end this friendly release with the sleepy whispery soft tones of the ‘[Moon]’. Perfect! Or as the super fans of Klaus like to say; Klaustastic!
Check it out for yourself over here:

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