prepare for the mindscan – Split Tape with Shitnoise Bastards

Artist: prepare for the mindscan
title: Split Tape with Shitnoise Bastards
cat: NA131
format: limited cassette tape (50 pieces!)
keywords: punk, black metal, grindcore, hardcore, powerviolence, thrash, Buffalo
label: Nuclear Alcoholocaust Records (France) / Third Eye Grind Records (USA)
words by: Simon Hit

Hello and welcome fitness lovers. Hope you are ready for our planed excersize of today.. You just need a neck, a head, a speaker system (preferably large) and a way to play the tunes on the split part filled up by ‘prepare for the mindscan’ from the release they shared with the gentle people named Shitnoise Bastards. Are you ready?

^ Fitness lovers unite!

^ Fitness lovers unite!

Let’s go and face the confrontation. Place the head real close to the largest speaker that you can find and play ‘confrontation’ by ‘prepare for the mindscan’ loudly through it. …. Can you feel it? … Okay play it a bit louder, add some bass.. If your hair is waving in the wind than the speaker versus sound combination is on the right setting. Now turn your head in circles, try to hold your neck horizontal while your skull acts like it’s the inside of a working washing machine. … Right..

^ this size of speaker would do fine for this excersize

^ this size of speaker would do fine for this excersize

Now that we have that under control, let’s face ‘aliens as disinformation (pt. 1)..
It works the same as facing the ‘confrontation’ but as you may notice that the music coming out of the speakers is much more aggressive; please react on it by moving your head in that familiar circular motion that we have practiced but now more wildly.
Just top it up a bit, adding some more creativity in these spiraling head movements.

note: it depends if you have hair or are bold how the gravity reacts with this head bang activity. It helps if you have long hair, lose or in a ponytail; although the hairs might fly in your eye or mouth at certain times it does make this cultural activity much more easy than doing it with a short haircut or no hair on your skull at all. The use of a tightly glued on wig might help with this exercise.

^ a happy wig with person underneath it

^ a happy wig with person underneath it

You might notice when you keep your neck straight and your head in circular movements while trying to keep up with the tempo of the music, that you can actually hear the transformation of the vocals. When you bang your head hard enough and in the right speed and flair you notice that the voice of the normally difficult to understand grunting voice sounds suddenly crystal clear and clean cut like a Frank Sinatra on his heyday. If you still hear distorted grunts and energetic wild boosts of vocals attack on the aggressive music you still did not achieve the right way to twist and turn the head. Please keep on practicing while facing ‘aliens as disinformation (pt 2)’.

^ professionals showing how it is done

^ professionals showing how it is done

If you have managed the right way of head banging and earned the key to the precise words of the beautifully sung lyrics, it would be great to go directly to the ‘advanced’ head bang part to test your new skill under maximum circumstances.
If you think you got it, than please enjoy facing ‘crisis of conscience’ as this one is for professionals only. You can do it, I’m sure.. Just keep in mind to hold the neck still and only roll the head sideways around until the vocals become clearer than Whitney Houston when she was young and upcoming. Good Luck and all the best:

p.s. if you need more, than please do get the complete split album as it is a perfect album to practice your circular head motion activities. You can buy this spectacular release on a cassette from nuclear alcoholocaust records , or third eye grind records

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