Various Artists – Lobit Music Festival

artists: various
Title: Lobit Music Featival
Cat: Siro450
Keywords: lobit, low bitrate, live performances
label: Sirona-Records
Reviewer: Leo Obit

Let’s go down memory lane, skipping the years of 2014, 2013 and coming to a halt in the year of 2012. Why are we here you might ask, as we just jumped the barrel into 2015?
We are here in 2012 because it was such a fantastic year, and because a very special day of that year had been captured in the cashes of internet history; making it extra easy to travel back in time. (No time machine is needed!)

* the year that the year would have ended according to the ancient  mayans and a big time hollywood movie

* the year that the year would have ended according to the ancient mayans and a big time hollywood movie

Of course this special day in 2012 was 8th of jul.. The day that lobit artists from all over the globe came together like a once in a lifetime lobit jamboree. Shit was happening in the small riverside village named Lobith in the Netherlands. With the help of the locals the Lobit Music Festival had been setup to put Lobith on the cultural lobit map, directly attracting more tourists than usual.

^ the welcoming sign that you will see when entering Lobith

^ the welcoming sign that you will see when entering Lobith

This wasn’t your normal music festival with the usual tent on a field with a stage; this was a cultural exchange of showing the sightseeing  places of the locals, mixed with lobit live performances by artists coming from all corners of the world.

^ The wonderful venues and locations of the Dutch village named Lobith in which the Lobit Festival took place

The wonderful locations in Lobith like the library, the gym, party centrum Schipperspoort, a windmill, cafe de Buck, hair salon Moustache, Fred burgers drankenservice, bed & breakfast Slaap and many more had all chipped in and became the venues of this now historical happening. It was a great way for lobit artists to play in suited and inspiring locations that inspired their live performances literally on the spot. Just think of the legendary ambient producer from France ‘Pollux’ doing an amazing warm drone set in the local acoustics of a Dutch church.. I still get emotional tears in my eyes just thinking about how magical this moment was..

^ the church in Lobith which once was filled with the drone ambient of the France artist named Pollux

^ the church in Lobith which once was filled with the drone ambient of the France artist named Pollux

The amazing intelligent dance music set that the wonderful Hertzcanary from Germany performed live in the local gym was also an out-of-this-world experience worth the travel and the internet memory. Talking about memorable memories; Who can forget the magical opening of Jjoth who did some most unusual sound performance with a microphone? Or the fact that the legendary Flat Affect was thrown out of the local library because his performance was too loud?

The party music of the Genetic Brothers, the glitchy breaks from HLO, the psychedelic sound performance of Consistency Nature & Thomas Beragona in the authentic windmill, the dance classics from C4 performed in the local place for alcohol consumption (if I remember well; free drinks all day!)

^ a postcard from 'Lobith' saying 'greeting out of Lobith' ..

^ a postcard from ‘Lobith’ saying ‘greeting out of Lobith’ ..

The groundbreaking performance of Irrlicht project and Thorsau, the Mexican lobit reggae of the Pink Blob performed live in a toy shop…
Rainbow Valley doing a set inside the local snackbar with the smell of chips and Dutch deep fried snacks elevating the audience experiences.

The intimate guitar songs by the Corporation Killers, the stunning rawness of Obsolète Broadcast Système, the techno of techno beast himself ‘Sascha Muller’… The accidental guitar method perfectly showcased by the artist with the longest name on the planet ‘Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’, the outside performance of the legendary Russian Microbit Project and the genius gig set in the local bed and breakfast by D0x10 from Finland and so, so much more!

^ an impressive line up of world wide lobit artists all had come down to Lobith for a festival that would go down in history

Where else in the world would you have had the chance to see and hear such a great line-up of obscure and yet so amazing lobit artists from all corners of the lobit underground than on this special day in this very special village? I still wear the ‘I was in Lobith, official Lobit Festival T-shirt’ with great proudness and I will keep doing so until both the sleeves fall off..

For anyone who pissed next to the pot and didn’t manage to come down to Lobith for this amazing lobit festival; the greatest netlabel in the world Sirona-Records has secured every inch of all the activities and live performances by recording the live stream that was broadcasted at the time for all who couldn’t make it down in 2012. Presented by Kai Nobuko and Graham Boosey, who brought their enthusiastic voices to guide you through the more than 9 hours content of this unique and magical festival like true professionals. What’s there not too like?

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