TimeCode – AminokislotS

artist: TimeCode
title: AminokislotS
keywords: industrial, breakbeat, lobit
label: Great Hedgehogs’ Records netlabel http://ghrecords.clan.su/
reviewer: Leo Obit

Great Hedgehog Records has been going underneath the radar for quite a bit, sporadically popping up and when it does; you better listen as the releases that it has brought to exclusive underground diggers, are like little free gifts for big ears.

So is this release by TimeCode, kindly situated on the hidden corners of archive.org.. It might miss the wrapping paper, but still is a good gift that is hard too find. (unless you are checking in on your daily crap at Yeah I Know It Sucks.) this release contains tracks produced by D.Bogutsky who uses synthesizers, does the sampling business, records and did the mastering. He has enough experience if you know that he is also the one behind these other obscure underground projects like SarivaSignatura, SOQR, Tatlin’s Tower and the more famous Cacti Curator.

So now that we are all here; let’s take a quick peek at the tunes captured on this release named AminokislotS:

Boomaind is the title of a electronic instrumental piece that you can hear first, it is one that politely seems to flirt with some powers coming from the dark side. It’s quite minimal, hitting a few notes on a synthesizer with a rhythm underneath, making the track easy to understand and digest.

More up sounding is ‘Acoustic Drums’ which goes for a drum that on its own is sounding happy enough to join the acoustic groove. Add the alternative guitar expressions that function as the counterpart for the holy sounding choir, and we end up with a track that sounds happy, danceable and yet mystical and religious. Hallelujah.

DnB 1 is up next and Ecuken will be last. But let’s save the last for last and say something about DnB. DnB, a collection of letters, nicely glued together and well known enough in the common knowledge to stand for a larger genre box named Drum ‘n Bass. It’s one of the few genres that made a smaller recognizable brand name for itself. Even RnR (Rock n Roll) and TT (ToyTronic) never seemed to be picked up by the masses. EDM (EcuaDorian Music) is a new term, but sounds more like a brand of ecstasy pills named after a talking horse and his mysterious sure name. And IDM (Incredibly Dumb Music) is one term that the masters of the genre try to avoid at all costs.

DnB 1 is not the English drum n base culture to get in a mosh pit for, it does however has a drum and a bass. It does also contain other things, most notably a attitude. The dark retro sounding minimal synthesizer sound just give enough flavor to get a eighties depressive feeling out (hear the tormented voice) , but the drumbeat makes it into something that could function to get some Gothic parade parading.

Ecuken is more positive and gets something like alternative acid post rock alternativia sativa going on. A sampled female adds some friendship to the track, but it’s the beats hanging out with what might be considered as a psychedelic dark bubble melody that delivers the final feeling of this release. Now that this little peek into this release is all over, it’s good to point out a link to the location in which it waits for you impatiently:

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