agnes pe – EZ-ACTIVATOR

artist: agnes pe
keywords: devotional, Lleida
reviewer: Willem van O.

Agnes Pe… She knows what we need in times of being waisted, trashed and out of ‘it’ on a party that we weren’t exactly invited for. A theme tune for this moment in which the mashed up head could be safe and sane, while the outside world turns in to a colorful blur.

Being drunk on toilet cleaner, high from sniffing unstoppable liquid for stuck drains, it is the way to go when listening to this lovely new wordless theme by this devotional artist.
It has this feeling, this untouchable feeling for the glorious sober people; that is yet so understandable and pretty for the intoxicated crowds.
It’s a drunken/high in which all makes sense, all is good and you’ll never be lonely.

There are no tracks of Agnes Pe that didn’t deliver that special feeling of perfect humane insane-ism, and obviously it impresses me greatly as I keep coming back for more and more. Listening to the music of Agnes Pe is like sniffing washing-powder; you start with one teaspoon, but soon your whole head will be in the bag in the never ending search for more.
And even if it’s just one track on the bottom of the bag; the satisfaction.. this precious feeling of pure satisfaction, it’s totally worth the click:

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