BERTIN – mini

Artist: BERTIN
title: mini
format: cassette / digital
keywords: 8-bit, electronic, casio, casiopop, lo-fi, radiophonic, Nijmegen, Stenze Quo
label: Stenze Quo

The easy going happy and friendly mini pop structures of Bertin’s Mini are like chilled up pieces of micro danceable folk music, with the usual guitar and banjo instruments respectfully replaced by the much more pleasurable sounding Casio keyboards (a different Casio for each song) ,a korg mini pops rhythm box and two Yamahas + special effects.

The results are of a positive, quirky and lovable kind; not going over the top as to keep the pop frame (in which each tune is trailered) nice and square. This is not the music to torture your brain with, but more of a kind that you can listen while being on the automatic pilot. Beware that the automatic pilot might want to make your body move to these tracks, as there is a big chance that the music just might happen to be up the pilot’s alley.

The automatic pilot within me steered my body into all kinds of weird positions; clearly reacting to each and every track (and Casio) in a different way. The lotus dance, the feet on the head move, the drunk wiggle, stimulated horseback riding, the Macarena, the split, the black swan ballet sequence; all these different body expressions seemed to work well with these Mini tunes by Bertin.

But do not think it’s not listenable without moving body parts, as it certainly is suitable to hear when sitting perfectly still. It definitely brings a nice happy almost elevated party atmosphere to wherever you will sit, or stand, or perhaps even enjoy it while being in horizontal relax pose. This Mini by Bertin simply works well in all kind of activities, from sitting still to moving about and dancing; mini is a friendly flexible music friend that only delivers good vibes.

You can obtain these lovely happy mini pops through the Stenze Quo label, as Bertin specially made these tracks for them to be published on the handy format of a cassette tape. A great choice as with the Mini tunes sounding as analog as Bertin could be, the grainy tape would certainly add another layer of warm identity to the mix. Go and get happy by checking  mini out on the official Bertin’s bandcamp account:

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