BERTIN – Toonbare figuren (Sounding shapes) (2015)

brartist: BERTIN
title: Toonbare figuren (Sounding shapes) (2015)
keywords: motion composition of two dimensional figures
words by: Arnold van der Kwaak

Who cares about the rocket-in-ass movie named The Interview when there is a much better movie to watch?
This spectacular movie contains amazing graphics of two dimensional figures, perfectly teamed up with incredible never heard before sounds! Forget handheld camera’s, bad actors, dodgy scripts and computer animated special effects; embrace the stop motion of early 2015.

You have to see and hear it to believe it; and thanks to the spectacular film director (Who is also responsible for the film-score!) it is possible! The fresher than fresh movie is now available for all to enjoy on a very popular video sharing site. I do not drop names, but let me drop a embedded video for you instead:

for more music, video’s and BERTIN, please do check out his website:

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