ShitPhone – Demo

artist: ShitPhone
title: Demo
cat: AAR0074
keywords: noise
label: Angry Arnold Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

This demo demonstrates how ShitPhone deals with ordinary sounds that you can come across in your daily lives. To proof ShitPhone ‘s point; the artist had seemingly the pleasure of recording a electric chainsaw, or a electric hedge cutter… In other words it’s a guess what it is, but I’m sure everyone has heard it disturbing a summers day before.

But ShitPhone shits this sound up, adds speed to it, and throws this normally environment unfriendly sound in a manipulation blender. It doesn’t get less disturbing, but it does come across as more elevating. It’s like an ugly sound reborn, high on crack and slowly being chopped up until there is nothing left of it.

But it’s not only annoying sound sources that gets the ShitPhone treatment as the next track seems to originate from the original recording material that is the whistle of a boiling kettle. Now ShitPhone adds volume, making it more fulfilling for people with a noise appetite and ready to let it piss in your ear instead of it being nicely added to a tea cup.

The last track is one consisting of a shitty phone being transformed (or simply perforated and mutilated) into a crunchy noise. Try to call someone now on your brand new ShitPhone while this ‘ShitPhone’ plays; you might want to raise your voice as the noises might interfere extremely with your transmission.

this demo by ShitPhone might be shit, but at least its intended shit. And with this I would say: It’s the good kind of shit. It makes you appreciate the annoyances of every day devices like this kettle, the ShitPhone and indeed the chainsaw… as it could be much worse!

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