zencats – throwaways

artist: zencats
title: throwaways
keywords: experimental, electronic, trash, Minnesota
reviewer: Willem van O.

Sad, the intro on this short release by zencats made me sad. Not the music in itself, but more how pleasing it was and than how abruptly it got taken away. It’s like someone tucking you in with a warm blanket and than pulling it off before you can really settle in this comfort zone.

But warmth still comes through although in a seemingly hectic coat that flirts with the vaporwave movement. A bit of chopping, in what was once a relaxing lounge track is done to turn ‘lazy’ in a chill out track for epileptic listeners.

Dance’ is probably also done in the wonderful theme of recycling the plunderphonic style. It sounds very chill, jazzy, a piano plays softly.. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is reused music material coming from the artist that gets a name drop in the next segment.

The last track is a sulu flip version of ‘is it a crime’ originally a song by the big earring wearing angel of lovers rock ; Sade. There is no need to sue as the music is not like the original, but very sulu flip. Very chill, short and still making me sad when it’s over..

These short tracks might be throwaways to zencats, but to me they are like catchalldays; wish they were a bit longer; but playing them on half speed will add some extra time to the listening experience.

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