Total E.T. – Collisionism (Plan 9 From Outer Space Revealed)

artist: Total E.T.
title: Collisionism (Plan 9 From Outer Space Revealed)
keywords: electronic, expérimental, ambient, drone, industrial, noise, Slovakia
label: Artapes

Total E.T. Is not your conventional long form drone artist. It might be even said that he isn’t a conventional artist, as he is a alien living among humans for research. But damn, isn’t that a greater gift considering that this unearthly being is bringing so much more to the table than your average run-off-the-mill long form artist?

The release covers more than 45 minutes of well made complexity, which is easily explorable as a sound trip that will tickle the mind but as well delivering a surreal climate of alien atmospheric exchange. It’s of such a kind that it has the powers to give a room with listeners the feeling of experiencing some kind of grey flow in which gravity has no business.

The music is warm and yet dark, almost brewing like a foggy air that twirls around the body in thick but pleasant soundwaves. It’s Totally E.T. that brings single evenhandedly the sound of artificial intelligence to the long form scene, and it’s truly believable in a way that it doesn’t seem to originate from the planet earth and it’s mind melted inhabitants.

If you can’t afford to float in a unknown realm in the outer sides of outer space, than the talented alien sound producer simply gives you the illusion with sound right here on our globe from one computer to the other. The complete set simply keeps on moving slowly in a interestingly complex and intriguing way, that I can only say that Total E.T. has cracked the code to opened a whole new dimension in the long form drone ambient characteristics.

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