vincent koreman – diabolikal kontraptionss

artist: vincent koreman
title: diabolikal kontraptionss
keywords: electronic, experimental, cam, low bitrate, online, conceptual, toys, circuitbending, noise
reviewer: Leo Obit

diabolikal kontraptionss by vincent koreman begins when the ‘horn song’ starts to do its thing. It’s like listening to crisper little bug legs, hundreds of them that sound wet and in a hurry while a ‘horn’ is used as some kind of cavalry action sign. Perhaps it’s music for soldier ants and the horn is the sign that there is a piece of eatable stuff ahead.. It’s quite visual.

The diabolikal kontraptionss than continues with ‘lalalalalala’ which to me comes across as listening to a scene in which the ghosts in the pac-man game pull out there tongues to the pac-man hero after he ate a delicious pixel fruit.
the third section of diabolikal kontraptionss has this bleepy melody of childlike joy that the artist promises in his own little write up, but it also has this feeling of doing a game of ‘farmvile’ in which you place seeds and harvest non existing plots.

How further we go, how more we we get in to the diabolikal kontraptionss. Everyone will agree that when reaching the ‘nut crack’ part you might feel a phantom pain in the nuts, even if you own a different genitalia. It might be just normal nuts, the ones to eat as the sound is more woody than meaty; still the phantom pain in the nuts might still attend for the fun of it.
diabolikal kontraptionss makes time free for some piano marmalade, which sounds quite sweet, a bit of experimental on the collection of light weight selection of sounds and of course the piano that is played for a bit like a pro-jazz extra avant-garde laid-back personality.  Music for a sunday.

The last bits and pieces of the diabolikal kontraptionss are celebrated with the arrival of the heavy beats man. Some clappers, a hardcore kick taken out of its normal environment and everything sounds (thanks to the bass) quite jazzy in a weird relaxed way. It didn’t shoot my head away with excitement, but diabolikal kontraptionss did sound pretty creative and together.
Also it is noted (if I’m understanding it well) that the artist has no problem if anyone wants to recycle these tracks into something new; which is nice.
Now if you excuse me, I’ll be out re-recording some cracking nuts..

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