NOW – An Introduction To NOW

Artist: NOW
title: An Introduction To NOW
keywords: experimental, electronics, London
label: FREAKSVILLE records

NOW was founded in 1998 with the aim to bring together adventurous multi-instrumentalists who are as much in love with analogue synthesizers and electronics as they are with guitars, percussion and traditional instruments to play experimental pop. NOW could be described as catchy, contemporary, exotic, messy, harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop. Now have released several albums and this is collection is a perfect introduction to their music.

Ah, hello readers. The text above the gap is not written by me, but probably by NOW themselves. And if you read carefully it describes that this album is what commercial artists would call ‘a greatest hits’ album. I’ve never heard of the music genre ‘catchy-contemporary-exotic-messy-harmonious-and-disharmonious-21st-century-pop’ but listening to this collection of tunes, it’s a well fitted flag to cover the music style of NOW.

The album starts with a deliciously mad upbeat, punk, idiotically fun form of ridiculous rumble of a mix up of things. It got the vocals, it got the attitude, it has rawness, it has harmony and it has sweet chaos. There is no hair on my head doubting that ‘Monotone Plug Suggestion’ is not a great track to start with.

With ‘everything is in and out’ NOW throws in a wealthy flavor of lovable sweetness. A drowsy pop song with catchy hooks in the music, and a great choice of sweetness of the instruments. It has ‘oriental stoner toytronic pop’ written all over it and there is no way in hell you ain’t gonna love it.

The song ‘Will they come untamed’ is more chaotic, but still keeps the rememberable song text in the pop atmospheres.

Coming Without an Answer’ is a lot of fun; it’s like listening to a band consisting of Becks before joining Scientology. Very creative and explorable in sound experimentation with a fanatic sing-a-long text that everyone (no matter how deep you had looked in a glass) will be able to join in. Ab absolute must hear.

The ‘Good Natured Serpent’ is showcasing another side of Now, and it’s like all the other sides, one that NOW should be proud of. It is an instrumental piece that seemed to touch upon the sweet sides of music, showing of the blatantly great happy skills to bring a listenable uplifting melodic dance track, a lengthy show that with ease will turn a nice full smile on every face. Beautiful and trippy, happy and quirky; jolly good & well-made vibes.

Wetness’ is more down to cater the alternative crowds starting with a more dreamy sound of Stoney pop with dreamy vocals and more traditional sounding elements. The track however seems to evolve and transform into a fantastic spacious full set with great use of sounds, synthesizers, drums, and a pure  psychedelic melodic progression that has this rich uplifting feeling. If this hit by Now doesn’t make you into some kind of happy trance, than what is?

^ The friendly people of NOW doing some secret handsign

^ The friendly people of NOW doing some secret handsign

The song ‘Don’t Decide’ automatically seems to link with the flavor that those fellows named ‘The Beatles’ seemed to taste like. It must be the vocals or something, but it has this old feeling of retro-ism that seemingly had never died. But even though this link between time and space of pop song writing, NOW sounds very Now and open minded enough to add some wonky string to the sweetness of the short lovable song.

More upbeat is the happy go lucky beginning of ‘Pinch Me’ which than suddenly takes a more dramatic move to take it a step back before going up the happy road again music wise. It is here that the vocals of Now really seemed to shine as the important focus point of the attention, keeping the wacky played music and the song together.

Relive The Food brings the retro music in a super slick coat of the future. The music combines guitar riffs, fanatic manic sounding vocals with a certain psychedelic funk train that would do well in peace circles that being electronic hipsters, authentic hippies, rock n rollers, psychonauts and funk people together. NOW melts the opposites as one and turn it all in a delicious groovy soup.

‘Twinkle Twinkle’ adds more funk in this soup and for a bit I thought Now had turned into the scissor sisters, but even though it shared the infectious party mood Now’s identity is strong and raw and brewing full of ‘twinkle twinkle’ energy, successfully passing it on to the lucky listeners turning every situation into a bubbling festive one. Come on let’s forget about paperwork and dance to the wicked synthetic baselines and embrace the pounding base-kick.

Now takes it time for ‘Song’ the longest one on this album with its more than ten minutes in play length. It’s worth every minute as the song starts with the basics that a ‘song’ by Now should consists off and somehow it manages to make my hair standing up from appreciation. The track evolves in to a delicious warm and friendly music ratatouille with great exposure of improvisational experiments that are of a psychedelic but ultimately friendly kind.

The last track is ‘One One Equals One’ and just because I’m convinced and blown away by NOW, I feel that this is the perfect moment for you to do some research for yourself. It’s NOW or never and it would be a real shame if you will miss out on this very happy, well skilled mixed band that seemingly effortless plays what all would love and need to hear. Now get to know NOW and its excellent stuff:

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