Fross – Ausencia en Claroscuro LP

Artist: Fross
title:Ausencia en Claroscuro LP
keywords: ambient, dark ambient, drone, noise, experimental, field recording, lo-fi, minimal, Tres Rios

The first ever LP by Fross is out, a good reason to go for an authentic listen. What will it be? How will it sound like? Just like other new LP’s that come our way; I’m over the moon from excitement. The first track takes it easy, softly a deep humming sound is being faded in. As it keeps laying low throughout the recording, it’s good to know that there are tiny highlights of warmth being thrown on top. The big surprise comes in when the revealing signs of music successfully seduces the sound in to the next track, as if it’s one session mixed like a professional deejay. The tiny highlights now successfully turn in to a very minimal sad sounding melody,with the deep hum taking up the part as a slow paced baseline. The tempo of this work seems very slow, which is good for people that don’t like it quick. Ambient loving turtles might also be happy hearing this stuff.

A brand new beginning becomes clear when a track named ‘En Solitud’ comes in. It’s less music orientated, giving it more a feel of a ambience that is of a cold and deep flavor. It’s like listening to a dry hallway in which small breezes of harmonic drone-ish ambient blow through in a very relaxed tempo. There are some highlight in brighter sound at times, but in general it’s a work that is clearly not in a rush to blow your brains out.

El Bosque keeps the relaxed atmosphere but seems to add warmth to the sound environment. It’s virtually abstract, but might be conceived as a looping soft wind with acoustic charm ringing inside of it. This is a piece of music that strangely combines the temperatures of cold and warm in a way that the Heath of it might be described as ‘medium’. This track is probably my favorite of this collection, and especially winning over my heart with the slight directional change of tone and mood towards the end. The integrated fieldrecordings add to the cinematic feeling of it all.

The music goes (surprise, surprise!) into another track, which basically seems to combine a real recording of a wind (or is it rain?) with more orchestrated deep drone at the upper crust. It’s the music that suggest that it might be time to wear some winter-coat, a scarf and kep an umbrella close as there might be bad weather ahead. (is that thunder in the back or sound of a hungry belly of a so called reviewer?)

The bad weather stays away but ‘Alienaćion Apática’ comes in instead. A lonely warm melodic drone, that once again seems to be in some kind of time zone in which no speed is presented. It’s quite minimal and not totally sure if it’s grabbing my personal attention, especially compared to the much more intriguing piece named ‘2 Minutos y 32 Segundos de Delirios. This track might also be minimal, but it sounds more effective and full, going for a close up warmth that only gets better in combination with the soft talking voice that clearly has the sole purpose of bringing in some sign of human life to the album.

The last track is half the album on its own in length, it goes through a progression of soft ambient drones, from very cool to intense, dark and beautifully atmospheric. The piece has some surprises along the way; most notorious the guitar fiddling towards the end.

If there must be a conclusion made for this album, it might be sensible to yet again note down that this LP needs time and space to be absorbed. The music is not recommended to be heard while being on high speed jobs and running through full agenda’s; but more for listening sessions in lonely solitude with (next to the music) “all the time of the world” as your one and only true friend. If that’s for you, than this link is also for you:

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