Kapotte Muziek – The Malevolent Ear

Artist: Kapotte Muziek
title: The Malevolent Ear
keywords: electronic, experimental, Nijmegen
label: Korm Digitaal http://kormdigitaal.bandcamp.com

For the following album experience it is advised to connect your ears to the audio output of a track named ‘Disconnection’. When it makes contact it is a good idea to wear a safety helmet and perhaps some ear protection, as things might become challenging in the audio way. The sound is seemingly of an electronic kind that buzzes like an abstract device, something that is solidly switched on to create a warm but noisy atmosphere. The first instinct might be to turn it a grade down, as the sound (even though not aimed directly at the ears) can be quite sharp at times; it is advised to sit through and focus on the dynamics which (imaginative or not) shine through something that might be of a ambient kind. This track is not so much for easy listening, but more a interesting puzzle for the advanced audio lover with a degree in psychiatry and science.

The first track on this album might be of a challenging kind, the second one ‘2 Van 4’ is much more approachable for a larger audience. This track slowly unravels a deep ambient work that is so minimal that the real melodic acoustics are not so much the music in itself, but strangely captured in the actual sound that is used to create it. It is music that has a very warm feeling, slightly muffled to give it a dusty layer for extra sentiment.

The track named ‘Muster’ is the clearest in showcasing that Kapotte Muziek is a project for recycled sounds. It is easy to imagine being at some kind of imaginative recycling workshop in which strange machine like sounds are being reused, reshaped, brought together, eliminated, crushed, moved and flatly said; being experimented on. The result is like a soundtrack of a futuristic kind in which robots and machineries think for themselves and recreate and recycle their own mechanics. You can hear some kind of story in the sound, having to deal with some rogue robotic recycle monster that wants all the industrial garbage for its own consumption. I wish someone would direct a science fiction short movie to these sounds; it would be absolutely amazing.

From the science fictional mechanics Kapotte Muziek provides a track named ‘(Re) R-Invest’ which sounds more coming from an organic source. Of course with electronic experimental music of this kind nobody can be sure what it is that the artist cooks up, but to me it seems that the audio trip starts with a special recording of night crickets, than moves into the deep sea for a sonar like underwater heartbeat, than somehow a combination of the deep water bubbles (responsible for intimate coziness) is teaming up with the night crickets… After a tiny bit of silence the trip shows a more factory-like environment, with a pounding machine working hard undisturbed by our presence. The track than makes way for a pleasant highness that makes me think of agas-flow going through a old pipe system just to bring us a serene piece of sound.

‘To Close To Harmony’ is the next track to discover on this adventurous  sound adventure. It’s a very intimate work, making me feel very close to Kapotte Muziek, at times even To close.. If you listen on it through speakers it might help to gain some more distance if you can’t handle the intimacy, but if you have no problem; go headphones all the way!
Kapotte Muziek will be in your head, whistling in your skull and tickling your earlobe while the music softly blows wordless whispers in the inside of the skull.

The scene of intimacy keeps on crawling into the track named ‘Manipulation Muzak’ but it feels less personal; it’s as if absorbed radio frequencies themselves are trying to find a new home in the ears. You can hear the small sounds crisping, searching for little cracks in the skin, as well as fanatic little communications among each other while being in an exciting haste.

With ‘Manipulation Muzak 2’ the sounds seemed to be more settled, even aged a bit. They now successfully spread themselves like sandwich spread all over the hearing system, layer over layer paving the internal roads with a pastry of peanut butter sound; crunchy but smooth.

The last track to discover on this album is ‘The Obedient Noise’ which is a perfect way to end this wild audio exploration. It made me instantly think of a random sunny summer’s day with the sound of an airplane flying over. Not the nasty engine sound, but more of an airplane that is so high up in the sky that it just seems to add a little twinkle to the normal sounds of sunny emptiness. The rhythm that sounds like a stepping artist in the depth is warm and pleasant and is leading towards the final end in which the listener can exhale and inhale the air in sync with the final sounds of Kapotte Muziek. It’s quite the journey:

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