Santiago Adkins – asking for a friend – EP

Artist: Santiago Adkins
title: asking for a friend – EP
keywords: experimental, hip hop, rock, alternative, independent, instrumental, San Diego
reviewer: Mark X

Santiago Adkins records, sings, speaks and convincingly slimes his rhymes in an original style. From a honorable song sang obviously for his dearest love (which might be you, if you happen to be his only love reading this..) to upbeat industrial with some gothic soul processed by a slick tongue. With “Ich Bin” it is clear that the inner Nina Hagen has been taken over Santiago Adkins and let her trademarks go out through the skills of this peculiar artist. Might Santiago Adkins be possessed to create such steamy sewer worthy tracks?

It might just be, as in ‘Bridge’ it is definitely an expression of pain that the artist goes through; a struggle to express successfully the bat shit crazy art of darkness. The song is obviously flogged from the inside out to create music für kleine münsters all the way from the Madrid studio in San Diego, into their little debated emo hearts. I’ve been around’ is another tune in which a hint gets rubbed in the ears that this is not a new artist, but the work of an old soul (or a bunch of them) trapped inside Santiago Adkins’s body; A bit of Marilyn Manson, a bit of NiN, a spoon of Nina and… no, no Klaus Nomi.. But tons of black mascara to make up for it.

The last track is the one that impresses the most; having a slick Napoleon XIV kind of spoken word workout, culturally done in a alternative cape of refreshing creepy crawler style. Time to snack on some bat’s head and make Santiago Adkins your new friend by playing his latest EP over here:

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