VISITORS – Hello World / 2012 VISITORS

visitorsArtist: VISITORS
title: Hello World / 2012 VISITORS
keywords: electronic, dream pop, pop, electropop, Nijmege, electronic, robots, sci-fi, space, vocoder, Nijmegen, Bertin van Vliet, videos
label: Bareuh records (tape) / self released
words by: Victor Isitor

Welcome dear visitors of Yeah I Know It Sucks. Are you ready to meet another form of visitors?
You of course (as a dear visitor) are very cool and dear to us, but VISITORS just tops the charts of eclectic coolness; you’ll be happily surprised by this other form of VISITORS.

VISITORS is probably best described as an excellent project coughed up by the illustrious creative mind of a certain individual named BERTIN. It also might be that visitors from outer space had visited him and reprogrammed BERTIN to be the mouth and musical brain to express their cultural approved foreign alien propaganda, against his own will. This might be the case, but nobody (including BERTIN) should complain about it, as the stuff that has been made under the flag of VISITORS, is what ice-cream lovers would call ‘finger-licking-good!’.

^ VISITORS propaganda is being made

^ VISITORS propaganda is being made

The tape (named ‘Hello World’) with the music propaganda of VISITORS is released on Bareuh Records, and rumor goes that it’s almost down to its lasts copies. (So don’t waste your time reading this, but hurry up and get yourself a VISITORS cassette!). We from YIKIS guarantee you that every track is a keeper, no fillers, but all killers. Let’s look at them in a moment of silliness mixed with honorable silence:

On side A:
Superflous Genocide
1984 Timemachine
Hello World
Cold Song

and on side B:
Rocket Science


Tin Man
Brave New World

If you counted correctly you  know that this tape has 9 songs and they all are material of an excellent catchy kind. Not over the top poppy, very sci-fi, but all done in a friendly and good mannered way. Don’t expect Darth Vader, evil nebula, or predator vs aliens in these science fictional electronic pop songs; but do expect more things like colorful robots, messy alien lovers, cute spaceships, instant hooks of vocoder galore and sweet electronica.

The happiest thing is that a couple of these tracks by VISITORS are coming with their own video clips. And these are not just normal out of the ordinary done video farts that we feature here on a regular basis; these videos by VISITORS are all piece by piece of a very high quality, production wise, but also creative-wise. It’s fun for everyone to see, hear and explore this captivating world of VISITORS.

Even so much so, that I’m happy to tell you (dear visitors of this blog) that VISITORS has much more amazing video clips (and music) online.

^ More online VISITOR music awaits when you click this spectacular cover picture

I can’t contain my over enthusiasm and joy for this project, so here is a bunch of other truly recommended VISITORS videos that you should check out, not because you have to believe every word that you read here; but just because we simply know that these creative music videos will make you happy in an instant; something we so need in this earthly world of absurdity.

Take a look at ‘We Are Robots’, and see how a robot family goes out for a walk,
enjoys their time on our planet and have a good time showing of their robotic dancing skills.
Don’t you just want to join them?

Even though in the world of VISITORS there might be some grumpy aliens around,
they come across as very recognizable characters.. (Isn’t that Frans De Waard?)
See how a grumpy alien deals with his frustration while being on a space trip spewing hatred toward our little round planet with his robotic companionship as his true annoyance.

It’s always fun to look inside someone else their private ordeals, especially when it’s the subject of an earthly man dealing with an alien relationship. Think about other customs, different living arrangements and the hilarity when the compatibleness isn’t really there. Strangely this situation is not an exclusive alien problem, and this might be a feast of recognition when you know (or was one yourself) sloppy roommates, partners and other individuals that drive you nuts.

There are more VISITORS video clips and music available at the official BERTIN youtube channel (good luck quenching your thirst for the now never ending cravings for more VISITORS material)
But if you indeed enjoyed these video clips above, you might be happy to know that VISITORS have landed on Bandcamp with an EP containing these songs + more. Please do check it out as its highly  recommended happy creative sci-fi electropop for the entire family:

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3 Responses to VISITORS – Hello World / 2012 VISITORS

  1. linda says:

    bandcamp link misses ‘.com’

    ❤ to the nice music and links and reviews. I'm sorry I have no time to read and comment lately but I try to listen to those little jewels reviewed as much as possible!

  2. linda says:

    (terribly difficult to accept to be a robot 😦 it feels like I have already calculated my termination date and have concluded that my circuitry is starting to rot and I have been made to be a factory robot while I wanted to be singing robot in the jungle. Life sucks and then there is the big power outage blip blip bleep blop) [:-|]

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