Aphex Twin – Syro

title: Syro
cat: warp247
keywords: aphex twin, electronica, braindance, experimental
label: Warp http://warp.net
reviewer: Willem van O.

For months there had been a balloon hanging above the premises of Yeah I Know It Sucks. It wasn’t just your average party balloon, but a balloon with a well-documented logo painted on top of it; the Aphex.
I finally took it down today and enjoyed the helium gasses until the balloon had turned into a flubber. The Internal organs of the balloon got me high as how high the balloon was, when it was up in the air.. (It was pretty high..)

^ The balloon flying high

^ The balloon flying high

Everybody knows that ‘the Aphex’ is the proud sign attached to the daddy of innovative electronic music; mister Aphex Twin. With his recognizable all telling smile, his ground breaking work for the acceptance of transgenderbending people, with his help in bringing a face to the faceless Judoka loving cuddle bears; his presence and respect in this future is as big as ever.

A while ago things had been happening; mysterious interviews had been popping up in notorious music magazines, a rich nerd bought a rare vinyl for an insane amount of money, the deep web had been penetrated with hidden messages, and after a wave of hunger for this man’s return to the upper crust of electronic loving humans; these balloons appeared and a new Aphex Twin album had been announced.

^ a newspaper boy s[readomg tje mews of a upcomming brand new Aphex Twin album

^ a newspaper boy spreads the news of the new Aphex Twin album

Now months later the exciting dust of drooling fanboys and fangirls have cleared the way back to their own senses, the balloons are all shot down for other promotional events, and the album had its fair share of lovers and haters. ‘It’s not great enough’ said Jimmy. ‘I love it’ said Tammy. ‘This is not dubstep’ said Skrilly. Who’s Paul McCartney said Samantha… Outside of the deep web every twit and twat had an opinion, or just pretends to have one.
‘Go screw yourself’ is one I would like to throw up in this fabulous collection.

So what’s the album like? You’ll probably know it very well, played it day and night to form an idea if you’d like it or loath it. The thing is, it’s pretty good. But Aphex Twin on this album didn’t go for a reinvention of itself, which is in one way great as that means that people who wanted old school Aphex Twin tracks, would get exactly that, but others of the elders who needed a kick up the bunghole of surprisingly different material would have been  likely less inspired by it.

^ Aphex Twin licking windows the old school way

^ Aphex Twin licking windows the old school way

But I’m sure if a youngster plugs this album in (as the first thing he or she would hear coming from the hands of this Legendary producer) , the effect of flabbergasted anal orgasms (the ones people from the Aphex Twin generation had, when hearing his music for the first time), would be exactly the same. Colorful rainbows would appear in the backsides of the new-bees underwear, teary eyes of ‘wow’ and amazement would decorate their faces and feces, Wide mouths from mind blowing excitement will grin like a famous Richard D.James album cover.

^ a grin L'Aphex Twin

^ a grin L’Aphex Twin

what the f#ck is this shit?
-this is THE Aphex Twin-
some older dude or dudette would answer wisely while tapping the young oblivious new kid on the ‘come to daddy’ Aphex block, a most warm welcoming tap on the head. You are now no longer a Aphex Twin virgin buddy, but you still have so much to learn and to check out. The birds and the bees, the girl/boy sensation, the milkman’s wife tits, and all because I care because you do.

Anyway this is an album of acid boobies, slick beats, third eye wooziness, tingling melodies, synthetic Aphex Twinicux beating the Romans after the intake of a little power pill pac-man; you know this album got a lot of stuff to it.

^ The Fonz aproves this album

^ The Fonz aproves this album

Some of it sounds sophisticated and posh, others more like bedroom material that could stand unrecognizable next to a vibrator hidden as a hello kitty doll. The legendary voice of Aphex twin is there somewhere, as well as the bubble bath acid blowing bubbles, that successfully brainwashes the brain with a rephlexing taste of braindance.

The lack of hits and absence of singles on this album is totally forgiven and forgotten, as the music tickles the bottoms of both feet, resulting in some ridiculous tedious dance moves. Others however might be resistant to tickles, and stroke their chins pretending to be intellectuals while hearing this album, standing stiff and firm (like a hard-on) while they puzzle how it’s all made. Personally I successfully combined my wacky dance moves with the intellectual poses of chin stroking; it works surprisingly well.

The new bees and the dancing weirdoes are a fun crowd, the semi critical intellectuals are always a bit of a bummer at a party; but as this is an album played by the folks at home, nobody has to be bothered seeing each other responding individually to the music captured on this ‘return’ album by this refined artist.

^ a semi critical intellectual stroking his chin and bumming out on a party

^ a semi critical intellectual stroking his chin and bumming out on a party

Just like Kraftwerk and Klaus Nomi, Aphex Twin once successfully changed the way we perceive electronic music, opened up a whole new scenery for music makers, copy cats & scrotum kickers, but also undeniably rolled out the carpet for other genius weirdos of electronic music. His innovative music than shook the world, and now it rumbled in the distance.

This is an album for the real Aphex Twin fans that simply cannot have enough of the classics, and need new ‘older’ material to feed their fine needs. But this also an album for new bees who grew up on Lady Poop Poop and the Biebler, to hear that there is actually hope in the form of mind blowing electronica; something  that you should explore instead of getting dumbed down by a bunch of untalented little shits and their turds of tunes on iTunes. (No offense intended)

^ Oh, Hello..

^ Oh, Hello..

Syro is the leftover cake for yesterday’s and tomorrow’s parties, the survival kit for the Katy Perry generation.
Take it or leave it, but you have to admit; it was totally worth the balloons.
(Still high as a Kite!)

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