HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves – HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves Split

Artist: HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves
title: HumanHate666/ WeAreAllSlaves Split
keyords: experimental, noise, death metal, doom, electronic, industrial noise, Germany
reviewer: Simon Hit

Instead of relaxing at a spa, it’s a good time to spend some fun at ‘Blast Spass’, a rollercoaster of a hard rhythmic noise set created by the appealing HumanHate666. It’s like being inside a washing machine that tumbles and tumbles forcibly until you’ll end up with multiple bruises, and most notably quality brain damage that might take away the usual way of nausea and dizziness.

It’s of course a case of pure fiction, (music might be a word to avoid) which only reenacts this feeling of being stuck in a working washing machine that tumbles without any sign of mercy or relief. It’s totally safe but also perhaps less fun than the real life tumble dryer experience.

The next track ‘Convulsion’ is perhaps less viscous in the provision of rhythm; this is the noise that we had expected when seeing the name of HumanHate666 attached to it. It’s harsh, gruesome, takes no prisoners and basically feels as if HumanHate666 really fulfills the meaning of his artist name. It’s like being thrown in front of a hot never ending flame thrower, while being forcibly sand sprayed at the same time. Oh boy do we love HumanHate666 as much as he obviously hates us and our hearing systems.

But hate doesn’t need to shine through in artist descriptions as the WeAreAllSlaves seems to be quite hateful in its sound expression too. It’s like a natural disaster of a amazing typhoon that comes out blasting away through the speaker system; blowing everything you once loved away, and probably blows the walls and roofs off while it’s doing its thing.

It can always be more gruesome, more violent with more screams of panicky fear captured by the artist. WeAreAllSlaves heavily relies on the added vocal expressions to make sure the harsh violent noise gets a human mindset. It’s a very short set but enough to go and check on your family members, lovers, pets and gold fish just to see if they have survived it.

For this noise split between these friendly people that is HumanHate666 and WeAreAllSlaves you are invited to click the following kinky link:

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