irrlicht project – Bit Shit Vol. 1

coverartist: irrlicht project
title: Bit Shit Vol. 1
keywords: 1 bit, bit music, chiptunes, rave, electronic, rock, experimental, ZX Spectrum, 1-bit

irrlicht project is considered among my bit friends quite a genius, his knowledge of technical workings, his fascination for bits and bytes, his success stories in hijacking calculators & pocket computers  and reuse them as music machines, it is simply earning the respect of the ones who are in the know.
Just take a look and a listen at the following video of a scientific calculator named the Sharp PC-1403 Pocket Computer’ now banging out a gabba tune after being successfully trained by this legendary irrlicht project. Don’t tell me this doesn’t kick ass?

If you happen to be in Tilburg, the Netherlands on upcoming  24th of Jan 2015
you are very recommended to come and see this 1-bit monster performing live on the best underground place-to-be-bleeping Gifgrond. Or if you are in Germany by any chance on 21th of March, you can see and hear this beeping fanatic at CLT2015 . (of course it’s a great reason to book a quick holiday, if you aren’t in the erea.)

^ the flyer for next Gifgrond with one of the main headliners; irrlicht project

^ the flyer for next Gifgrond with one of the main headliners; irrlicht project

Irrlicht project has a lot of music out and about, but one release seems to be quite popular in certain circles. Irrlicht project’s 1 bit album “bitshit vol. 1’ (a collection of doodles for the zx spectrum 48k) is this favorite among a lot of my buddies who know about good bit music. In fact all of my buddies who are specifically into 1 bit music have this release on their highest top spot of album classics; if you would visit them, they would simply spin it forever until you’ll out bleep yourselves. It isn’t hard to find out to know why, as each and every one bit buddy will tell you repeatedly that this is the material that in a world dominated by 8 bit music; is the golden egg of excellence.

Here take a listen at the following video, just to distract you a little bit more by the 1 bit skills of irrlicht project:

Ah, you are convinced now are you? Let’s talk Bit shits!
It’s 1 bit extravaganza, taking the bleepiest of bleeps into a completely new beeping level.
three tracks on it are made with a Orfeus Music Assembler, one with a Music Synth T.E. and another great memorable one is created with a Phaser1. Of course this is all critical information but if you (like me) have no idea what this all means,  I can tell you that whatever the tools used; the tunes sounds incredible!

^ irrlicht project laying down its 1 bit technics in order to conquer the world

^ irrlicht project laying down its 1 bit technics in order to conquer the world

irrlicht project’s bitshit shows us that rocking is possible when in the 1 bit bleeping mode. The music has a melodic progression, the 1 bit is used in such a optimal way that you would think that it’s done in a multi platina studio with hundreds of channels; definitely showing the skill of a brain that knows how to rock by connecting the dots in a sufficient bleeping way.

After proving that 1 bit rock is more than possible, irrlicht project throws in a fanatic fantastic 1 bit rave. It got everything that people love of raving, the drop, the melodic intermezzo, the break, the seesaw rave waves, and of course ‘the rave’.

More dancing can be done on the intelligent and happy sounding ‘n00dle n00dle’ tune. It’s like electronica meets cheddar cheese with game flavors; but then performed in this incredible sound of bit shit!

Totally amazing and incredible is the 1 bit killer tune that is the powerful but short 1 bit hit; ‘1bitn00b’. It’s just amazing considered how great it sounds in sounds but also in structure. Unbelievable that it’s 1 bit, and yet at the same time so very believable! The 1 bit music by irrlicht project is like Tina Turner ‘simply the best!’

^ Tina Turner is like irrlicht project 'Simply the best'

^ Tina Turner is like irrlicht project ‘Simply the best’

Personally I get the most enthusiastic and thrilled of the jolly good fun that is happening in the bit shit tune named ‘phazzurro’. It’s like a happy upbeat party in which you completely forget that it’s 1 bit as you’ll be too busy dancing in a ridiculous way!
You can download this album for free from the official online home of irrlicht project: .

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1 Response to irrlicht project – Bit Shit Vol. 1

  1. Linda says:

    I recently discovered that I am a robot (I disliked it at first, but Visitors taught me that it could be good fun too, so after a helium balloon I am at my core system again).

    Also I just felt somehow offended discovering that the hardware interface of the Texas Instruments graphical calculater, much used by that freak of an Irrlicht Project, is lacking the equals sign. a.k.a. equality sign, a.k.a. =
    wtf, I mean, that machine is primary a calculator, a mathematical calculator. And it does have all the basic operators on the keys. Alongside a lot of ‘matrix’, ‘graph’, and other secundairy function’s keys. BUT NOT THE EQUALS SIGN!

    Instead, I have to press the key ‘ENTER’ (doubles as the secondary function ‘ENTRY’).

    I’m a robot, just reporting a design bug in that system. But you can also file it under improvement and set it in the icebox for another moment…. idk, Weekend started! time to hear back that lobit festival 🙂

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