Michael Ridge – One Second / One Heartbeat

michael_ridgeArtist: Michael Ridge
Title: One Second / One Heartbeat
Format: tape (limited to 25 copies)
Keywords: experimental, anti-experimental
Label: NONE records http://nonerecords.tumblr.com

NONE records is an anti-label for static and transient anti-releases by musicians, artists, anti-musicians, and anti-artists. Located in Louisville, Kentucky.

The above information which can be found on the NONE records website might be head scratch material, but seeing just a small amount of their releases, it all quickly makes sense. This is not a ‘1 in a billion’ label that presents itself with harsh noise anti-music annoyances, NONE records is not having none of that nonsense. this is a anti-label that truly is true to their mission and anti-mission statements.

Vinyl’s nicely painted on one side and signed by the artist on the other. Scratched and heavily sunbathed vinyls for in your marvelous music and anti-music collection. Melted tapes, signed ‘blank’ books.. It’s all marvelous stuff!

^ a sold out in good condition NONE records classic named ‘”Every Day Is A New Year” by Damages

The latest edition to this family of anti-releases on this enthusiastic making label is a brand new tape by Michael Ridge. You might know him as Zebra Mu, or indeed as uh.. Michael Ridge. This tape might not be melted in the sun, willingly scratched, painted or unplayable; but it’s still pretty, pretty good!

^ the tape could have looked like this, but it looks surprisingly playable.

^ the tape could have looked like this, but it looks nothing like it

This release contains the heart of Michael Ridge himself. Not really his heart, as that might be anti-Michael Ridge (without heart this artist might not live..) but a recording of his heart. The recording captures one second of Michael Ridge’s heartbeat and this is looped and captured for your personal comfort, on this remarkable cassette.

A fantastic opportunity to get to know Michael Ridge upfront and personal; a recording closer to his chest is as good as impossible. This is an example of an artist literally putting his heart inside his work, and I can truly hope that the follow up will be a one second loop of a recording of Michael Ridge his soul; it would make such a great pair.

I don’t know if the tin-man of the Wizard Of Ozz is reading this, but this tape might be the thing that you were searching for.
Support this heart-working artist and the classy refreshing stand out anti-label-label NONE records by ordering your copy over here:

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