Peza – Nachthorn

IMAG2740Artist: Peza
title: Nachthorn
cat: FCKBS 009
format: Floppy Diskette (limited to 5 copies)
keyords: electronic, experimental, noise, ambient, lobit
label: Floppy Kick
reviewer: Leo Obit

To truly enjoy the floppy diskette release of Peza named ‘Nachthorn’,
it is a good idea to find a comfortable seat, close your eyes or dim the lights and lean all the way back while the soundscape does its thing. In a matter of seconds your surroundings will make way for the scene of the internal scene of a space rocket as this track will certainly let you experience a true liftoff.

Just sit back, don’t press any button and enjoy this illustrious sound flight of your life.
Hear the engines going on, hear the double engines pop, and endure the sound barrier. Swiftly enjoy the sight of the automatic space pilot successfully penetrating the hemisphere. Experience the hot ness of screeching flames, the bleeps and the blobs of the control panel and basically hold on to that chair as it might be a bumpy flight at times.  Safety belt is an option of choice, but chickening out of this illustrious space adventure is by far a no go.

^ one of the very rare / super limited floppy diskettes that give you a real life space trip experience

^ one of the very rare / super limited floppy diskettes that give you a real life space trip experience

But let me assure you that this wild lift off, this wild space trip is worth it. When all barriers have been breached and the levels of the universe successfully been broken; an unsuspected beautiful beauty will erupt. I don’t want to talk too much into details, but it is totally unexpected.
It’s a bit like finding an already cut diamond in a bucket of sludge, a mermaid in between a sack of squids, a winning ticket of the lottery after years of losing.. It’s a melodically pretty encounter that will make your private star twinkle.

This release is very limited and came in a hand-numbered edition of 5 copies on recycled floppy diskettes, 4 black and 1 blue. I’m sure that there aren’t any copies left at the moment of this writing, but if you are in dire need (trust me; you are in dire need!) to have one, than its recommended to go around the globe to find a lucky floppy owner, and forcibly take all your strength to inflict a blue or a black eye and make a run for it.
I condone violence, but hey this floppy.. This isn’t a normal floppy; this is a space flight into the universe! Besides you don’t even need years of training to jump on board of this space flight experience that includes the rewarding beautiful alien encounter…
Totally worth the punch.. Or kick..

good luck getting your hands on the copy that I just wrote about,
as I’m taking it with me to outer space!
Ciao readers! Live long and prosper!

^ Good luck getting your hands on this floppy!

^ Good luck getting your hands on this floppy!

for more information, or other more easy to get floppy diskette releases,
please do check out Floppy Kick records:

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