MicroSol – Raider’s Löve

Artist: MicroSol
title: Raider’s Löve
keywords: experimental, rock, synthwave, neoclassical, darkave, industrial, techno-metal,
label: Nakrikal Records

MicroSol wrote us in order if someone could check out their latest album, it was around twenty minutes in length so won’t be a big deal to sit through all the way to the final end’ the person claimed. Upon checking, it became clear that there are 7 tracks on this free downloadable release, and all are difficult to write about. Good music always makes my writers head in some kind of gridlock, making me like a limbless, stumbling, piece of slop instead of a smart reviewer that I pretend to be.
Oh boy, I hate it when people send in good music; what to write about it?
I might write that the duo also has help from a fine selection of vocalists to join their adventure. Megan O’Neill, Holly,Weingroo , KnowKontrol and last but not least ‘Neal Visher.

Of course throwing up positive words might help while writing a review, but to be honest ‘positive words’ doesn’t really seem to fit the concept of this release, it isn’t all the upbeat happy go lucky material; it’s good music ‘the serious way..” Take for example the beginning track named ‘Advento Premio ‘, it’s a piece of utter solitudes, something that goes for a vibe that could be compared to a lonely tourist trip to a church, and dinosaur steps on the hollow floor with a woodblock for rhythm purposes. I mean, what can you write about it?

The following track named ‘Dead End City’ will surprise its listeners with a very prominent drumbeat that comes across as standing in front camouflaging the excellent hot bed of music that is playing behind it. In my opinion it would have been better to turn the drum more into the rest of the scene, just so the excellent music can shine like it deserved to shine. Focusing on just this part, you can hear a proper singing female vocalist (The magnificent ‘Holly’) hymning on top of an excellent baseline, encountering a sweet melodramatic melody and all round excellent drowsy highness. There is even an electric guitar to give the sung words a nice power up, so she can fully recharge herself to successfully do her wonderful thing again for a last time.

With the third track named ‘Cxemizo’ its okay to have the drum smothered in your face, as here it definitely makes sense. You can hear a nasty electric guitar teaming up with electronic acid, and it’s not surprisingly a very good combination. A track that will make guitar freaks appreciate acid wobs, and acid wobs freaks appreciate electric guitar strokes. Let’s get a party started..

And as if MicroSol accepts requests, the band provides another track (Skin Dreaded) to feel up about. It’s mainly the beat that provides the tempo that might be suitable for dancing purposes, the other crafts like the melody is less hyped, more retro keyboard work that for some excellent reason fits the ‘microSol’ name.

Tall Illumination’ is one standing tall above the others in some kind of fog of pure illumination. My not so enlightened ears can almost not hear the beauty that is being played after this sacred secret veil of this tall illumination. But standing on your toes with open ears and you might be able to escape the fog in able to hear the mysterious music that is being played for the initiated.

Sinotron is one track in which the beat found its match with a dirty groggy male voice that gives the chill out beat hop an industrial feeling. The lyrics are a bit unsettling, but for an experiment it totally fits the dirty mood. It’s like listening to music for a soft porn with leather artifacts.

The last piece of music that is difficult to write about, is a track named Captain Nob and the Neptuunaar. It’s as if we finally have been rewarded to also join the tall illumination; the music is like swimming through soft defused light forms, some medium , some more warm, some mysterious.. I experience this part of the release as if being a fish, swimming silently through these pretty curtains of enlightenment.

As you can see for an EP that is difficult to write about, there was still enough to note down. Join in and hear it with your own ears, as the band so easily explained ‘it’s not taking up all your day’..

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