Verjault – Inner Void Violence

Artist: Verjault
title: Inner Void Violence
cat: Plataforma 21
keywords: noise, industrial
label: Plataforma Recs
reviewer: Simon Hit

Boom! Verjault is back and gives us a thick rhythmic noise track that sounds as if we are run over by a steam-train, with no intention of hitting the break any time soon. No f#ck is given! Boom! The train drags us underneath and totally ignores our ears for the continuation of the ride. Boom! Verjault is just driving through while the close up sound of wheels of steel touching the rails goes on, creating a kind of hardcore beat. Boom! Boom! Boom!

The additional shredding noises are like limbs, or pieces of clothes (and then the attached body parts) getting stuck between the never ending motion of this train wreck of sound. Boom! Verjault is on the job again! Boom! Verjault gives no f#cks about music or boom, neither does music gives f#cks about the noise assaults of Verjault. That’s no lie, music never cares! Music is the anti-noise! Boom!

Let’s take our ears ‘Outside’ and endure the noises that Verjault throws up over here. Boom! It’s harsh and crunchy, an operation that crashes the speakers and vibrates them until they all pop. Boom! Buzzing like a distortion showcase that aims to make the listener tumble. It gets slightly more fat, more erupting in some kind of an hissy thunderstorm that takes no prisoners, but do provides free destruction. Boom! Let’s say that ‘Outside’ is nice to listen while being inside, as being in something that sounds like ‘Outside’ would probably mean an early death by forced wind speeds. Boom, yeah!

Oh lords of the underground, who gave all these forces of nature to Verjault? With the next track the artist simply blows the mind away in a bombastic form of sound, something that comes across as angry and hateful. Boom! Verjault is at it again! Two sides of one coin that together forms a perfect recipe for powerful nastiness. Hear the depth of this greyish sludge of evil sound, slowly but hard evidently identifying itself like this bad ass vibe that might as well be thunder god Thor himself. Boom! Verjault throws in some genius nastiness in your face, and it simply gets better and better by how it gets spread out in a thrilling way. Sometimes it’s good to be bad, and even listening to this, turns you automatically into a ‘bad ass personality’. Very bad = very good! Or let’s say its ‘Heavy Boundaries’! Boom!

Verjault than goes for some lighter material… Boom! Just joking. With ‘Paranoid Footlicker, Pts. 1 ~ 3’ it’s still very much in your face, slamming a whole load of garbage and other rumble in it. Boom, boom! The artist makes sure you will be able to hear it; All the action is been harshly decorated in the distortion sauce, thrown at you until only a flubber bong fart of mayonnaise will be squeezed out for its final sound ejaculation. Boo.. nah.. Frrrrt!

The last final minute on this release takes us on an industrial roll in which energy prevails, noise rules, and trash has successfully replaced instruments! Boom! Verjault still gives no f#cks! You can check it out at the following link:

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