K2 / Allan Zane – Split

artist: K2/ Allan Zane
title: Split
format: vinyl (300 copies)
keywords: noise, experimental, harsh noise, drone, ambient, Augsburg
label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/
reviewer: Simon Hit

while K3 is a Flemish/Dutch girl band aimed at entertaining pre-adolescent children, K2 is aimed to entertain the more adult like masochists from around the world. The music of K2 is the stuff that does its best to rip your skin of your body, bleach your ears. shoots you up with lasers, electrocutes the mind with impulsive high form of voltages and drags all what is left behind a incredible fast speeding formula one racing car. It really feels that on every corner that the race chooses to go, the pain factor gets a little bit more challenged. This K2 is at this part of the split very good at being very hard and effective in creating some kind of action based rush that isn’t for the faint hearted, but more for the adrenaline addict that likes to be thrown of a more than 21 minutes long rollercoaster of noise stabbing wild actions.
More ‘relaxed’ is the side occupied by the work of Allan Zane. This artist is also not steering away from the harsh noise side of music, but does come across more digestible (I write this in a very weird way of perception) compared to the tormented form of the wild raging race of harsh noise action from K2. Allan Zane goes more for a harsh smooth screeching work, inserting hisses, smooth rusty noise and if my ears still can be trusted; field recordings. At times I can hear voices, creating some kind of alternative realm of harsh noise ambient with an imaginative industrial element; but it just might be a fragment of the mind being triggered into hearing things that aren’t there to save myself from the harsh treatment of this strange anti-music that successfully seems to trigger the mind into craziness.

This split isn’t for children as this is serious traumatizing noise material with enough harshness to leave its willing victim deaf and possible brain dead. But if that is something you had always wanted to achieve, or perhaps wanted to inflict on others’ than this might be a dream split for you.
It got everything really, from a masochistic harsh noise action full of adventurous corners, painful but exciting.. to a more spreaded sane noise piece with hallucinative friendly side-effects.
The split is nicely captured on a stunning looking limited hand-numbered edition of black vinyl,
and really does come across as a great gift to give to someone you dislike, or even to your masochistic self! For a exclusive copy check the following link:

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2 Responses to K2 / Allan Zane – Split

  1. Linda says:

    K2 is/was an excellent type of weed to me 😀 Named after a pakistan/chinese mountain where probably the delicious herbs (or most likely just their origins) came from. Turns out the mountain has requested some lives of explorers who just couldn’t resist staying at sea level. I guess that’s where the inspiration from this artist comes from? Cos to me it sounds like surviving a hellish snowstorm for sure…. (alike said in above review, consider me a kiddo 🙂 and thanx for the warning)

  2. Whatever, does it matter...? says:

    So just learned K2 is also a tank…. was curious about the other Ks and it is mostly fight tournament, cars, motor bikes and AMD processors. Except for K9, that’s a doggy.

    Ah man, I’m frustrated from not being able to keep up with yikis and louzy deadlines. Still not much past K2.

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