Broads – Omno

Artist: Broads
Title: Omno
format: floppy diskette / digital
keywords: broads, electronic, Norfolk, ambient, drone, floppy disk, floppy, folk, wrieuw, Southend On Sea
label: Wrieuw Recordings

Broads is the prominent solo project of music maker James Ferguson of Norwich, Norfolk. You might know him from his work in the band ‘Tiger MC’, but if that’s not the case than there is no worries; Broads will be enough to spice up your music loving life.

Broads just brought out a very adorable release through the always satisfying micro label ‘Wrieuw Recordings’. Might this be an excellent introduction to the music of  Broads? Well it certainly might be, especially if this is indeed your first time hearing this project.

It is cutely named ‘Omno’ and just so you know; it is released on a floppy diskette, and also available as a download. I always wonder why downloading, if for a reasonable price you can hold this work of love in your very own hands.. But at least the options are open for anyone in need for this lovely petite Broads release.

Omno is released as a wonderful must have adorable floppy

Omno is released as a wonderful must have adorable floppy

The first track is also the one that my music loving ears love the most. It is not a coincidence that the release is named after this tune. ‘Omno’ by Broads is doing to me what Vivaldi’s ‘the four seasons’ has been doing to me throughout the years. It makes me happy, silently pleased in order to hear hear the perfect chord progression and the appetite worthy melodic rhythm. It is simple perfection, nothing less and nothing more.

Listening to Omno on repeat is like a blessing for the ears, it’s the music in which everything makes sense, and everything is in the right place and right order. You might think it’s neat’ but that sounds not clinically correct; it’s simply Lo-fi enough for it to sound pleasantly organic. It’s warm, emotional and strangely winterish.
It’s basically a lot of things, but it’s obviously a wordless melodic tune draped in pure sensible love.

To be honest, just with Omno only, my music loving ears would be already totally satisfied while exploring this release. This is the music that really fits this label too, it’s like a match made in heaven, but then it’s a floppy diskette. (Or download..) but Omno isn’t the only track on Omno, there is much more!

Let’s talk about ‘lamb’, not a lamb from ‘marry got a little lamb’ but ‘lamb’ the second tune on this ear friendly release by Broads. It is very short, but that doesn’t mean it’s a song not unimportant. My ears feel as if they are gladly awakened from the state of bliss that the ‘Omno’ track had given me.

Lamb is a little song with a soothing voice smooth as silk. The music created by real instruments for real people is also of a sugar coated kind. I feel like being a baby again, being cradled by a loving parent.

The last song on this release is Yawn Dominoes and seems to be taking a successful step back, making itself present in a way that is totally relaxed and chill. Here Broads is giving it to our ears slow, but good. The feeling of rest and no worries is what this track seems to breath out. Just like the track named ‘Omno’ everything that is done here is perfect, and on the right place at the right time. The lovely warm organ-like sound, the warm guitar, the minimal words that say all that is needed coming out of the mouth of James Ferguson; everything is super calm and perfect in all its laid-backness.

This is a real joy for the sensitive ears for people with sensitive ears longing to music that is made by someone with a heart. This floppy by Broads is something that warms the ears, and smoothens the mind. If this isn’t lovely, than what is?
Get your “handmade with a tremendous amount of love’ floppy (or download..) Omno by Broads from the following link:

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