Nuno Maltez – Psyche

Artist: Nuno Maltez
title: Psyche
format: Youtube
keywords: lo-fi, folk, psychedelic, alternative, video,

In a time of movies skipping cinema and video cassette, for a direct release on the internet; it is interesting to see what will happen next. Also music releases have been going through massive changes throughout the years. With pirates releasing commercial albums before they are officially due to come out on the glory hole that is the internet, online streams downloadable through unofficial ways and floppy diskettes replacing the house hold medium that was once the compact disc; the world is spinning in unsuspected ways!

To keep up with this and basically walk up front of the troops, is our good friend from Portugal ‘Nuno Maltez’ who has done the original thing of using the modern media in order to next-level releasing! His latest album ‘Psyche’ is what he calls a youtube-release, an album that is in all its glory specially made and only available through this popular video streaming and sharing site.

Of course we have seen dubious fans of artists posting complete albums of their favorite music makers and bands on this streaming site, but this release by Nuno Maltez is simply completely different; it not only skips his fans the trouble of uploading, but also is really an album specifically and specially designed for this online medium.

His tracks from his ‘Psyche’ album can not only be heard but also straightaway seen! No fancy video clips of distracting animations, dancing penguins and other MTV-like poop for the eyes (that would be normal!) , but really something original and different; the artist himself producing these tunes in front of your very own eyes!

To make Nuno Maltez even more top notch in this book of modern day trendsetters and entrepreneurs is the fact that the tunes on this album are of a raw, lo-fi kind. He uses his passionate self-mixed with a traditional electric guitar to create something that is in utter contrast of the modern day technology that this *might it be the first album of this kind?* online release has to offer.

This is Nuno Maltez skipping MTV unplugged by plugging himself and his guitar into a new future. The borders between fan and music maker are now as thin as the screen that forms the window to ‘Pscyche’.

The artist provides his passion for the price of a single click (play the playlist and enjoy the ride!), bringing raw psychedelic emotions in which the artist completely absorbs himself for the greater good; melodic, real, close and upfront microscopic ear and eye openers that are a pleasure to get lost in.

This album is like a personal concert, captured for your pleasures and only a internet connection is needed to experience it all. Get energized, or chose to soak in these sounds and find a way wit you mind how to deal with it all.

The music hits raw emotions, dark, bright, energetic, deep and very passionate. What else do you want me write in order for you to plug into this modern day album release? ‘Psyche’ is youtube only, people!

Hear, watch and enjoy yourself while Nuno Maltez enjoys himself making music for you! Plug in and enjoy the show:

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