Vlad Shegal – Happy 28th birthday Katy Perry

Artist: Vlad Shegal
Title: Happy 28th birthday Katy Perry
Keywords: lobit, low-bit, 8kbps, folk
Label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/
Reviewer: Simon Hit

Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Prince.. The only one that is above them separated by a thin low bitrate is the iconic artist Vlad Shegal. The household name famous for his folk songs, brilliant performances and great campfire skills, someone who never shows any form of arrogance or dismay in his public appearances.

This famous super star Vlad Shegal dedicated a free release to a deeper than deep underground ‘entertainer’ named Katy Perry. This might be the first time you have ever heard of her, so big ups to Vlad Shegal for the name dropping, and hopefully it will bring this fairly unknown artist (now always connected to the entity and institution that is Vlad Shegal) a good launch into this world contaminated with aspiring music makers and singers.

Vlad Shegal is never to unkind to share a bit of his fame and glamour with the lesser blessed it seems; hip hop hooray for good karma!
Or in this case it might be better to say ‘hip hop hooray, happy belated birthday Katy!’ Vlad Shegal made this free downloadable release as a mind challenging Katy Perry birthday gift, containing not one, but five typical Vlad Shegal tracks… Who wants to have a pair of balloons or a birthday cake, if Vlad Shegal donates you his blessings with his pure and passionate music in your name?

So what’s in it for us, the people that are not Katy Perry people? Same thing! A free truly beautiful raw exposure of the truly talented Vlad Shegal performing at his semi best. His ‘rehearsal’ version of the ‘come with me’ song is sounding just as great as the unrehearsed one.

Vlad Shegal stuns again with his incredible vocal range, his out of this world voice (comparable to the sound of a golden nightingale) is singing in his own trademark elaborate way, full of passion and intensity. His hands stroke the strings on his favorite instrument ‘the guitar’ like no other minstrel in history has ever done it before.

This song, how it is performed in such pure perfection really stimulates me as a song loving listener to sing along. Even if you aren’t aware of the lyrics, it is doable! Embrace your inner Elvis, let your voice match that one of the master virtuoso that is Vlad Shegal.. I know it’s the unbirthday party for Katy Perry, but your voice might be heard in all its glorious ways too.

Next up is ‘universe storms’ which is also recorded at the rehearsal session. This might be not so much a song to sing along with, as it is simply to impressive what super star Vlad Shegal is doing over here. His voice seems to come from his toes and all the way up through his mouth. It sounds extremely warm, almost coming from a different time. A period of black and white television with blues dripping out of it.. Vlad Shegal is so amazing, you can’t make it up!

Next to amazing, Vlad Shegal is also pretty nice; including the instrumental version of ‘universe storms’ on this free downloadable release. Now you can freely sing your own words on top, without disturbing the great vocal skills of the real superstar around here.

After this great opportunity to make your own vocals shine, Vlad Shegal brings his next gift; a song named ‘Books’. What a song, what a performance. Phenomenal! Just like what the dubious oeuvre fans of the legendary Vlad Shegal expected and wanted! I hope the dedicated unbirthday girl will be hearing every word, every move and every sound that everyone’s favorite pop star (Vlad Shegal) is doing over here, as there is no music school that could prepare you for the talent that this artist is sharing over here.

To complete this gift to the world (and Katy Perry), Vlad Shegal has included the demo version of the sing a long song ‘come with me’. This is like a bow from a theatre performance when the play has finished. You want to stand up and applaud Vlad Shegal; applaud to say thank you for this free education of how music should sound like, how an artist truly adds total dedication to the songs and how it all is brought out in this quality lobit rate. Applaud for Vlad Shegal linking his name with the unknown talent Katy Perry; clap like you have never have clapped before.

When you are done clapping, you might check out the Vlad Shegal’s Katy Perry birthday gift over here:

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