Toby Celery – haha yeah

Artist: Toby Celery
Title: haha yeah
Keywords: experimental. Folk
Reviewer: Willem van O.

Toby Celery plugs off the internet and faces the real world, there Toby Celery cherish the real subjects that are around; Friends, things, shit and the reliable human best friends ‘the dogs’. Haha yeah.. Now it’s time to give the attention and love out to the things that really matter, and there is no better way to spread this good intent by singing about it in a way that is as personal as a handwritten written letter for the ears. Haha yeah.. It’s quite nice to hear someone singing about the real life and not about some fabricated social media posts, political memes or digital news that nobody really needs or cares for. Haha Yeah..

A sweet sensitive song full of excuses (and a happy birthday fragment to a big brother) is available on the next song. The lyrics are very personal, but also understandable. Who can’t identify somewhere in their life with the sung message ‘I’m a child, I’m a giant baby’? Haha Yeah..

One of the most difficult songs to cover (in a good way is ‘all is full of love’ by Björk. But Toby Celery proofs that if you keep truthful to yourself and approach such a song in your own pure way; it actually can be done. Toby Celery however gives the song a teenager bedroom producer sound and feel, while Björk keeps the throne of her *bigger budget* fairytale-like original. Haha Yeah?

Than the song ‘Stop talking about the internet’ happens and Toby Celery delivering it with a fine unplugged folk appeal. Its better listening material than any status update on an anti-social media website, far better than clicking ‘like’. Toby Celery’s song is a bit like Kimya Dawson without the internet; more obscure but probably just as good. Haha Yeah..

The last track is a cover of a Waxahachee song named ‘bathtub’. Haha Yeah.. This is more sounding like a not so Stoned Vasti Bunyan singing in a bathtub; fresh and smelling of soap. In all a good end of this little close encounter with the pleasant voice of Toby Celery, comfortable soaking in unpretentious sing a song material that sounds not very experimental but in general definitely not bad at all. Actually, it sounds more cute than laughable. How about that? Haha yeah… Here is a link for you to fall in love with:


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