Yeah I Know It’s Slugs

Welcome to Yeah I Know It’s Slugs!

*burp*, hey, how are you?

*burp*, hey, how are ya?

I’ve been slugging it out on the internet this morning and decided to bring you, dear reader: THE BEST SLUGS OF THE INTERNET MUSIC SCENE! Let’s get this started.

Hey, that's no slug, that's just a giant mouth. And some trees.

Hey, that’s no slug, that’s just a giant mouth. And some trees.

CaT#: NoNe
KeYWoRDS: Borghi, Paganotti, Pop

The first of the slugs I’ve found in the garden is just called SLuG. I got started listening to it and felt like, whoa, this is kinda weird. I really liked the track ‘I Cannot Sleep In My Room’, with its acoustic guitar thing and bells and vocals. It elicits weird bodily feelings. As, you know… a slug would.

... c'mon, where are all the slugs??? I'm still just seeing trees and... oh, wait, maybe this is all, like... one of those perspective things... like we're getting this from a slug's eye view?

… c’mon, where are all the slugs??? I’m still just seeing trees and… oh, wait, maybe this is all, like… one of those perspective things… like we’re getting this from a slug’s eye view?

Artist: SLUG
Title: La Forêt De L’Assassinat
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Black Metal, Experimental, Live Recordings, Dark Ambient, Doom, Drone, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Slugling

This next one was a pretty weird slug from Tokyo, Japan. Kind of morose, with trumpets and horn ambiance and darkness and a bass guitar refrain. It gave me a slimy feeling for sure. The noises… the subtle vocal layers… really great stuff!

Q: Are We Not Men? A: ... shhhthhhluuuuuuuuggg...

Q: Are We Not Men? A: … shhhthllluuuuuuuuggg…

Artist: slug
Title: Personality In Progress
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Punk, Acoustic, Grunge, Post-Punk
Reviewer: Alslugx Splalslug

The way I feel about this is like… well, its almost that same kind of grotesque feeling I will sometimes get when listening to select pieces from Comus. Hm… apparently they’ve got shows coming up in Manchester and then Syracuse, NY! If you’re in the area, go and get your slug on!

Featuring a protective slug-suit.

Featuring a protective slug-suit.

Artist: Slug
Title: Able Miser
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: Alternative, Garage, Lofi, Pop, Shoegaze
Reviewer: slugghhh

This one’s nice. Something to it reminded me of Nico. It feels like raindrops… or slugdrops. Slug drippings. Ew. Anyway, it’s kind of beautiful and I think you will enjoy this one.

Slugs… they’re everywhere, hiding under rocks, under plants, outside, inside, on the internet, in space. You just gotta open your eyes and look, you know. You may even find one hiding on the backside of your eyelids then. Hopefully not. I really hope not.

Until next time! Oh, and I was thinking I might leave random music video shits at the bottom of these reviews. Later!

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1 Response to Yeah I Know It’s Slugs

  1. alphastare says:

    ‘Love is the Slug’ name that group!

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