Siiilas – Lobster Island EP

Artist: Siiilas
title: Lobster Island EP
cat: electronic, IDM, experimental, Brighton
reviewer: Willem van O.

On Lobster Island it’s all about lobsters, its run by lobsters, owned by lobsters, full of lobster activities and lobster lobstering their lobster legacies. One of them is the legacy of lobsters making lobster music for the other lobster inhabitants.

^ a rare picture of Lobster Island and some Lobsters

^ a rare picture of Lobster Island and some Lobsters inhabitants

It’s hard to visit Lobster Island as a non-lobster, but luckily the lobster made lobster music that all lobsters love washed ashore and was successfully dragged to the dry corners of Bandcamp by a certain discoverer named Siiilas. (Thank you, Siiilas!)

Siiilas made this wonderful (previously never heard by humans) lobster music available, and it’s absolutely a must listen. It’s great proof that lobsters with their lobster brains, and lobster arms are not lobster-lobotomized; as they sound incredible intelligent and most notably well trained in the braindance sections of their own  lobster mania.

If Aphex Twin was a lobster, he would probably be a music maker on Lobster Island. Crisping his little scissor hands on lobster technology, providing pretty lobster electronica that makes the lobsters’ nation smarter, more intelligent and actually more handsome.

..if Aphex Twin was a lobster...

..if Aphex Twin was a lobster…

Thanks to Siiilas we can enjoy this lobster music from the sunny side of Lobster island, from the breaking waves of the lobster beaches, to the hardworking intelligent acid of the open minded lobster heads. It might be a short impression and only a audio exposure of Lobster Island, but if you like human IDM, than you’ll probably dig the lobster version:

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