Alan Lauris – Dedicate (Official Video with handlettering by Arianne Notenboom)

dedicateArtist: Alan Lauris
title: Dedicate (Official Video with handlettering by Arianne Notenboom)
keywords: handlettering, typography, dedication, electronic, pop, singer songwriter, video, stopmotion

We dedicate this post to Alan Lauris,
and dedicate these words to Arianne Notenboom.

For Electrosingersongwriterpop artist Alan Lauris his latest music video for his song ‘Dedicate’ , he had teamed up with someone even more amazing than Alan Lauris himself. Yes, that seems almost impossible and even too good to be true; yet it is very true!
Alan Lauris dedicates his life to family and music, but Arianne Notenboom dedicates her life to the art of lettering.

Let us forget the catchy music of the dedicated electrosingersongwriterpop artist Alan Lauris for just a little bit, and think about the dedication of Arianne Notenboom. We all have seen chalkboards in bars or restaurants with a crafty drawn menu of the day, and sometimes it features some fanciful good looking typography.. Arianne Notenboom is like a super expert in this field. She works with a super steady hand and a true passion for amazing hand lettering. It takes a special kind of person to master this art of stable hand-drawn typography, and it’s Arianne Notenboom who has mastered all the ins and outs of this at great perfection.

^ unlike mister B. Simpson, Arianne Notenboom is truly dedicated to the art of hand lettering

^ unlike mister B. Simpson, Arianne Notenboom is truly dedicated to the art of hand lettering

Talented? Yes.
Skilled? Definitely yes.
Creative? Triple yes.
Insane? Most likely.
Dedicated? Never in my life I’ve seen someone more dedicated!

All in all, if someone deserves to be linked to the catchy ‘Dedicate’ hit by Alan Lauris, than it is Arianne Notenboom. The video features her hand drawn letters on a chalkboard who form the lyrics of the Alan Lauris song. Perfect for sing-a-long karaoke at home, or just plain amazement. The video is made out of 720 photographs and you can watch this collaboration of dedicate individuals over here:

You can buy this single over here, here and here
For more info and music of Alan Lauris click ‘here
and for more handlettering by Arianne Notenboom you can click ‘here’.

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