Elena Rose – Remix 11

elena_roseartist: Elena Rose
title: elena rose remix 11
keywords: pop, dance, soul, R&B, club

Elena Rose makes love pop songs & songs of what she has been through in the music business. She is a fine hot woman from Brooklyn, New York and seasoned enough to surprise you with her expertise of singing and dancing.

Recently we had received an email through a promotion website ( a online platform that takes a lot of money from hard working artists, in order to spam blog writers that in general write about music for free)  Normally these unasked for mails go straight in the bin, but for some reason this time it didn’t.. My first bad minded intention was to write some horrid review for this website, but soon as my ears came across the special for us selected music by Elena Rose; I went silent..
Screen Shot 2558-01-28 at 2.51.53 PMThis was not bad at all, actually, you can spam our mailbox any time if you sound as good as Elena Rose! The music on the promo page was of an outstanding quality, making me move up and down the chair from excitement. I wanted to know more!

To my great joy the warm personality of Elena Rose is all over the internet,
and most notoriously can be seen and heard in all her amazing sing and dancing action at her own youtube channel. Here she basically can be seen in a homely setting that speaks ‘party animal’ from the back ground decorations. Here she presents her real talented self, while introducing us to her music in person.

There is no greater thing in life than music done by real people, talents who have real stories to tell and actually with real lives to live. It is no wonder that Elena Rose got me hooked from the start and that her music is sounding so good. She is realer than real!
elemaThere is no point for me to convince you just with words, so that’s why my technical supporters team (who work around the clock doing internet things) have decorated this post with must hear & must watch video’s of Elena Rose. It’s like, why trust me if you can trust yourself and convince your ears and eyes with the talent of this incredible human artists who simply loves singing. songwriting and dancing.

She has released her CD ‘Elena’ which could be bought from Best Buy stores in New York,
but now she is busy promoting her Re-Mix CD. This album is available from the big online retailers like iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/elena-rose-11-remix/id815908806) and was the music that convinced me personally of not writing a negative website report, but instead writing about Elena Rose and her fantastic music. Her remix album has 15 tracks on it, and hearing it is a total bliss if you are into soulful R&B chill dance kind of music.

Her song ‘Chill Out’ has this fantastic baseline, perfectly going together with her sexy and young voice. She obviously knows her music in and out, and the production of music sound excellent to play in the car, for boom boxes or (like me) from a crappy home audio set. She got the groove, and feels really pleasant and positive to the ears. Chill Out has a great message; chill up, stop taking  life so serious..

Her song ‘Whatever’ wouldn’t be an underdog to the big pop star like Beyonce. But there is definitely  no-one like Elena Rose in the realness department. Just listen to her wonderful song ‘No End’ which is like a song written from a soul that holds out a hand to anyone in need. Her lyrics are really outstanding in actually having a meaning, bringing music that is taken out of real life and to me; totally inspirational. No squeaky top of the charts artist can beat Elena Rose on her song writing skills.

But Elena Rose also leaves plenty of music to dance too, stuff ready for the club and a sexy dance. After all the serious business of real life; it’s good to let go!
There is a lot to love here, and I’m sure if this kind of music is your thing; Elena Rose will be on top of your charts, blasting it out loud and keeping things real!

You can support her art and your own music tastes by buying her latest album from iTunes or from CDbaby
Or come and view more Elena Rose’s youtube videos of her original club, dance, love & sensual songs at her official youtube account.
and of course we can totally recommend you to visit her own official website for pictures, videos and much more entertaining info:

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