Gregaldur 7″

artist: Gregaldur
title: Gregaldur 7″
format: 7″ vinyl , digital
keywords: experimental, abstract, cherbourg, crazy, electronic, experimental, pop, free, lofi, pop,
label: Steak Au Zoo

This 7″ vinyl is such a sweetie. If it had cheeks I would like to squeeze them. Adorable, cute and free; a medicine for bad days. Swallow the tracks on this vinyl with your ears and feel like a happy person again. Play it more often and the happiness might just stay with you.

It’s amazing that the artist has managed to put 7 of these adorable tracks on the limited space of this 7 inch, but just like the 7 dwarfs in snow white; all have their sweet little helpful personalities and yet standing together strong as one.

It starts with Les Coucouilles de Popol, which just makes me feel like doing a ballet inspired funny dance. It’s this joyful, silly experimentation of rambling fingers rasping over strings, speeded up vocals, sounds and all round honky pokiness that turns a nice smile on the face. Goodbye wrinkles, let’s wear a pink tutu and twirl, hop and turn pirouettes along with this song.

What follows is this other tremendous light feather weight musical happiness. I feel like toe hopping like no gravity can stop me from doing high jumps, no stiff muscles can stop me doing the split; Bonne nuit Guy is the sound of pure happiness! I feel like being in a angelic fairytale zone and the Gregaldur 7″ is the best joy that comes in pure audio personification.
Can you resist the happiness?

^ can you resist the happiness on this 7″?

Mon Superhéro is another track to be happy and jolly about; a magical fairytale super hero hijacks our ears for a wild glittery ride of pure exciting, sparkling, mood enhancing twinkling feel good adventure. Superman is way to serious, this crazy music here is the real deal and can safe everyone from grumpy moods and unhappiness. What a blessed sparkle of joy this is!

Than the record gives us ‘Nounou’ which basically adds another tremendous teaspoon of happy insanity to the party. Think happy folk music with accordions, gypsy vibes and hyper tendencies of über goodness! If this isn’t the highlight of your private party, than what the hell is? An instant ray of pure energy made out of pure joy!

^ not everybody seems to be overjoyed by the rays of joy that Gregaldur makes

You probably can’t get ‘Plouf Plouf’ from your doctor, but trust me; this is another upbeat cracker that makes me feel like having dinner with swinging guitar playing hamsters, doped up marmots heaving a tea party! It’s fun!

And if this is still not enough for you to be happy there is ‘La fille de qui ?’. This track brings the sun with an instant grogginess without a hangover. Cute critters join the feast on mouth harmonica and we all earn a free alcoholic beverage just for the hang of it. Happiness is here to stay!

^ the way that happiness is made

Last but not least is the fantastic track named ‘Papayou’ which seems to bring famous characters like Bart Simpson and Cooky Monster together, here they celebrate with the other crazy bunch of happy lunatics of sound. It’s singing, it’s music, it’s enough rays of joy for the next millennia. Absolutely a must have/hear release of pure instant insanely freedom of happiness!

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