Mitch Murder – Savage (None)

Mitch Murder - Savage

Aaah! It’s the album art for Mitch Murder’s Savage! Try not to scream!

Artist: Mitch Murder
Title: Savage
Label: None
Cat#: None
Keywords: 80s, Electro, Funk
Reviewer: Alex Spalding



I’m in the mood to splash your ears with a number of singles I’ve been browsing through on the interweb. To kick things off, let’s take a listen to…


It’s a beastly, techno-primitive horror track that’s sure to get you amped up for maybe a monster movie marathon of cheesy 80s schlock. ‘Savage’ begins eerily enough with some tape tracking, dense toms, and some analog keys. Soon, the groove starts to pick up with some hats… then it really gets going! There are some samples, like a chainsaw attack! It’s got delicious Italian disco flavour, a touch of theremin to make things extra creepy. This is what the theme song to X-Files COULD have been! “They are out there.” “Do you believe, Scully?” cue shots of them running through fog on empty streets in long coats, and like, maybe a dummy grey pulled by visible strings attacks them from out of the shadows, cue shot of a ufo descending, cue shot of an explosion and someone jumping off a building. Wow!

Anyway, get it at this link:

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